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September 15, 2022

PIMS: Mazda Philippines Shows Off Philippine Market Exclusive MX-5 MCP 25th Anniversary Edition

Celebrating Mazda’s special relationship with the Miata Club of the Philippines, the oldest single-make car club in the Philippines, Mazda Philippines shows off a limited run MX-5 exclusive to the Philippine market at the Philippine International Motor Show or PIMS.

Previewed in February, the MX-5 MCP 25th Anniversary Edition has undergone some small detail changes since then. It comes exclusively in Platinum Quartz Metallic with a Navy Blue soft top and Satin Silver 17-inch alloy wheels. Now, eagle-eyed readers will remember that the previewed version had a solid red stripe running down the hood and trunk. That has since been replaced by classier Navy Blue accents on the side mirrors and roll hoops.

Along with the deletion of the red stripe, the MX-5 MCP 25th Anniversary Edition now offers even more differentiation inside. It has a special Mazda Connect Commander knob finished in Sterling Silver. It also comes with a Serial Number Plate also finished in Sterling Silver. Additional features such as black leather seats, an auto-dimming rear view mirror, and a 9-speaker Bose sound system are standard. Each unit will also include a commemorative car cover and the MCP 25th Anniversary Photobook.

While member of the MCP get first dibs on the reservation list, the MX-5 MCP 25th Anniversary Edition is available for sale to non-members (the general public) as well. It comes in both manual and automatic variants with a price of P 2,250,000 and P 2,300,000 respectively, for reservations done during PIMS week. This offer is valid at all Mazda dealerships nationwide.

Further ensuring its collectability, it will only be produced for a limited time with deliveries starting on September 15, 2022 and final deliveries slated for September 15, 2023.


  1. No special edition for the RF hard top?

  2. How many units would be produced in total, did they say?

    1. No limit as to the number...only that it will be produced for a period of one year. So, if last customer orders are delivered by September 2023, that'll probably mean they'll close the order books by around May to June of 2023.

    2. I see. That'll mean the MX-5 30th anniversary & the Mazda 100th anniversary limited editions would still be rarer.

    3. Maybe? It entirely depends on how many people order. From what I gather, there are about 20 orders already for the MCP 25th Anniversary Edition.

      That's compared to 25 MX 25th AE:

      30 MX-5 30th AE:

      and 24-25 MX-5 100th AE:


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