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September 20, 2022

All-New Honda HR-V Gets 5-Star Rating At ASEAN NCAP But...

Following the Civic, the 2022 Honda HR-V also received a perfect 5-star safety rating at the ASEAN NCAP with what the safety agency lauds as an “incredible performance.”

The HR-V scored 35 out of 40 for Adult Occupancy Protection, 17.81 out of 20 for Child Occupancy Protection, 18.57 out of 20 in Safety Assist Technology, and 10 out of 20 for Motorcyclist Safety. All in all, its 81.38 out of 100 score is enough for a 5-star rating under the 2021-2025 assessment protocol.

It must be noted that in order to achieve the 5-star rating, the HR-V must be fitted with the LaneWatch camera. This means that the ASEAN NCAP results are only applicable to the recently introduced HR-V RS for the Philippine market. Remarkably, the absence of curtain airbags (only present in the HR-V RS) did not seem to affect its frontal impact test given the model assessed did not have it (despite the above photo).

During its frontal impact crash test, the ASEAN NCAP says the HR-V’s occupant compartment remained stable with an “adequate” level of protection to the occupants’ chest and lower legs (the rest were rated as “good”). For side impacts, it had a ”good” rating for the entire upper body.

While this is all great news, the HR-V’s 5-star rating at the ASEAN NCAP highlights the safety disparity. It must be remembered that it failed to reach a perfect rating at the more stringent Euro NCAP earlier this year.

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