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September 30, 2022

Lamborghini Refreshes The Urus For 2023

Lamborghini is updating its super SUV, the Urus, for 2023 by appending the letter, “S” to its name. The Urus S takes over as the “base version” of the high-performance SUV, with the Urus Performante retaining its place as the top-tier model.

The “S” in Urus S signifies an uprated twin-turbo V8 engine. Now with 666 horsepower, it matches the Urus Performante in terms of output. This improves the 0 to 100 km/h acceleration to just 3.5 seconds, 0 to 200 km/h in just 12.5 seconds, and top speed pegged at 305 km/h. Maximum torque—850 Nm—is delivered from 2,300 rpm all the way to 6,000 rpm. A re-tuned exhaust system offers a more distinctive start-up sound and a sharper note.

The Urus gets an adaptive air suspension with handling and ride characteristics dependent on the selected driving mode. It comes with four on-road driving modes: Strada, Sport, Corsa, and Ego; while there are three off-road driving modes: Terra, Neve, and Sabbia. In terms of tuning, it now matches the Urus Performante.

Aesthetically, the Urus S gets a new front bumper that happens to incorporate a new matte-black painted stainless steel skid plate. The carbon fiber hood, meanwhile, comes with matte-black air vents. At the back, rear bumper gets the same matte-black lower part. It’s capped off with a new twin-pipe exhaust design and new wheel options. Inside, the interior’s been fully-revised with new colors and contrasting accents available.

The Urus S is now on sale in Europe, with other markets soon to follow.


  1. just curious, i thought lambo is sold out until 2023 or 2024?

    1. Supposedly until end of 2023 (if memory serves). They're taking in orders for the Urus S...likely the dealers / potential customers knew about this before-hand and have made reservation already prior to the order books being closed.


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