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September 28, 2022

Citroën Looks Back To The Past For Its New Digital-Friendly Logo

Just as Peugeot introduced a refreshed logo and brand identity last year, its sister French brand, Citroën has now done the same.

Citroën says the new logo reinterprets the original logo first adopted by its founder, André Citroën. It’s inspired by the success of his first metalworking company producing chevron-shaped ’herringbone’ gear systems. The familiar “deux chevrons” has remained at the heart of Citroën’s identity ever since.

The new emblem signals the brand’s transition and evolution and will debut at the end of this month on a new Citroën concept car. The new logo will then progressively feature on future Citroën production and concept vehicles from mid-2023.

Citroën’s Global Brand Designer Alexandre Revert says: “As we look to the future, it was logical for us to close the loop by coming back graphically to André Citroën’s first logo which represented the genuine promise of affordable and innovative mobility for all. Progressively moving to a more prominent and visible brand signature for our future designs is a significant if subtle evolution, where the precision of the technical, functional chevrons are embraced by and contrasted with the warmth and almost human softness of the oval that surrounds them.”

Complementing the new logo is a fresh corporate brand identity program and new brand signature – “Nothing Moves Us Like Citroën” – which will start to be used in corporate and product communications and activities. The new identity took inspiration from more intimate non-automotive brands, including cosmetics and apparel, to convey a warmer expression of the brand that is easy on the eyes when experienced in different settings.

In addition, a new animatic language is under development to integrate the new identity in all digital touchpoints, including HMI screens.

The new identity will also extend beyond the digital environment and use of the new logo on and in vehicles to embrace all elements of the company’s corporate identity, from merchandising and documentation to dealerships and corporate building signage.

Finally, inspired by an important legacy color for Citroën which has been used on iconic cars throughout the company’s history including the 2CV and the DS, the Monte Carlo Blue will be making a return to the car portfolio soon, as well as featuring in details of the brand identity palette for corporate and retail applications. This will be joined by a more energetic and distinctive Infra-Red, replacing the currently used red to add balance and dynamic contrast in physical, print and digital applications.


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