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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Volvo's New Flagship EX90 SUV Will Be Their Safest Car Ever

Volvo will be marking the start of a new era with the launch of their all-new electric flagship SUV, the EX90.

Launching on November 9, the EX90 is expected to gain design elements from the Concept Recharge (lead photo).

Before its official launch though, Volvo took a different approach to whet people’s appetites for the new SUV. Instead of teasing its design or powertrain, they took the time to explain its suite of safety features.

Volvo confirmed that they’re positioning the EX90 to be the safest car they’ve ever made. The EX90 will come adorned with cameras, radars, and LiDAR. These alone can help reduce injury or serious death by up to 20 percent, and improve crash avoidance by up to 9 percent thanks to being able to scan the road by up to 250 meters ahead.

Inside, two cameras help track a driver’s eye-gaze patterns. It can monitor if the driver is looking at the road too little or is distracted. It will also have a capacitive steering wheel, knowing if the driver lets go of the wheel.

In turn, these will be hooked up to the carmaker’s in-house developed software with algorithms that allow it to alert and nudge a driver to an imminent crash. If the unthinkable happens, it can completely take over and even automatically call for help.

Even better, Volvo plans to continuously push software updates to the EX90’s safety systems enabling it to “learn” over time.

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