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September 1, 2022

Honda Officially Reveals 2023 Civic Type R Specs And Yes, It's The Most Powerful Production Model They've Made

After a brochure leak made it onto online forums (and was subsequently picked up by several news outlets), Honda has finally revealed the full details on the all-new 2023 Civic Type R. And yes, as promised, it is the most powerful Civic Type R ever. It also happens to be one of the most powerful Honda production vehicles ever, too.

Starting off with its 2.0-liter VTEC Turbo engine, the K20C1 engine’s output has been increased anywhere from 315 horsepower (North American variant), 320 horsepower (Australia), to 330 horsepower (Japanese market variant). Despite the disparity in horsepower, torque’s the same around the world at 420 Nm.

According to Honda, the increase in power has been achieved by a redesigned turbocharger to help it generate pressure across a wider range, increased air intake flow rate, and a more efficient exhaust system with a straight through design and active exhaust valve.

Of course, the added power necessitates better cooling and here that’s done through the larger grille opening, bigger radiator, and a new large-diameter fan improve engine cooling.

Still available solely with a 6-speed manual, the 2023 Civic Type R features a lighter flywheel and a revised rev-match system. The gearbox has also gained a high rigidity lever and optimized shift gate pattern, particularly for the 5th and 4th gears. It also gets a standard helical-type limited slip differential.

The Civic Type R’s front (+ 25.4 mm) and rear (+ 19 mm) tracks have been widened to accommodate 265 mm (up 20 mm) wide tires jointly developed with Michelin. The 19-inch rims themselves use a special “reverse rim” design that further improves the stability of the tire patch under load. Together with a retuned dual-axis strut front and multilink rear suspension, these changes improve straight-line stability and steering feel. For exceptional braking performance, Type R's two-piece front brake rotors reduce unsprung weight. Brake cooling is also improved, and a retuned brake booster enhances feel and controllability.

Designed in Japan, all body panels forward of the A-pillars are unique to the Type R. Moreover, its lower stance is accentuated by wider rear doors (again exclusive to the Type R). The aero elements, including the redesigned rear spoiler with aluminum stanchions and a new rear diffuser intensify downforce and reduce drag, were developed with the input of Honda’s HRD Sakura Super GT team.

Size-wise, the Civic Type R is about 20 mm longer, 12.7 mm lower, and 15 mm wider than before. Its wheelbase is now at 2,735 mm making it one of the longest in its class.

As of now, Honda Cars Philippines has yet to indicate whether they will be bringing in the all-new Civic Type R (the current model has just sold out), but if ever, it might be priced more competitively given it will be built for the world at the Yorii Plant in Japan (the previous Civic Type R was sourced from the United Kingdom). 

The US market has yet to reveal its price, but Honda in Japan is now taking in reservations with pricing set at 4,997,300 yen (P 2.017 million). Customer deliveries globally will start towards the end of the year.


  1. Will made in Japan make it cheaper?

    1. On freight alone, HCPI will save a lot.

    2. Potential buyers should be able to save a lot too.

  2. Better if it would be offered with a traditional hand brake.

    1. Unfortunately, the traditional handbrake is disappearing. The electronic parking brake has allowed carmakers to add more convenience features such as auto hold. It's also increased the safety too.


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