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October 9, 2022

Last Chance To Get These Changans With Hefty Discounts

Changan Motor Philippines is wrapping up its Flex In The City promo and this could be your last chance to snag these special deals that gives the Alsvin, CS35 Plus, and CS75 Plus at these best-ever prices or a choice of flexible payment terms.

Cool cash discounts
  • P 65,000 off on the on the Changan Alsvin 1.4L 5MT (SRP P 629,000); P 70,000 off on the 1.5L 5DCT variant (SRP P 689,000); and P 80,000 off on the 1.5L 5DCT Platinum variant (SRP P 739,000);
  • P 101,000 off on the Changan CS35 Plus, 1.4L 7DCT- Lite variant (SRP P 999,000); P 120,000 off on the 1.4L DCT Hype variant (SRP P 1,149,000); P 110,000 off on the 1.4L 7DCT Luxe variant (SRP P 1,169,000);
  • P 105,000 off (SRP P 1,379,000) on the Changan CS75 Plus.
Simple down payment options
  • For the Alsvin 1.4L 5MT, P 23,830 DP; the 1.5L 5DCT P 26,030 DP; and for the 1.5 L 5DCT Platinum, P 22,030 DP; 
  • For the CS35 Plus Lite, P 32,230 DP; Hype, P 31,230 DP; and Luxe, P 43,630 DP;
  • For the CS75 Plus, P 77,580 DP.
Stress-free amortization plan at 50 percent down payment with a 60-month term
  • For the Alsvin 1.4L 5MT P 314,500 DP + P 6,174 monthly; 1.5L 5DCT P 344,500 DP + P 6,783 monthly; 1.5L DCT Platinum P 369,500 + P 7,193 monthly;
  • For the CS35 Plus Lite, P 499,500 + P 9,843 monthly; Hype P 574,500 DP + P 11,257 monthly; Luxe P 584,500 + P 11,654 monthly;
  • For the CS75 Plus P 689,500 DP + P 14,160 monthly.
For the low down payment options, get these perks for free: one-year comprehensive motorcar insurance, three-year LTO registration, chattel mortgage, and tint, floor mats, and seat covers.

These best-ever prices and deals are valid only until October 15, 2022.


  1. Geely hefty price increase, Changan huge price reductions. Geely's reasonings for the hefty increase seems shallow even unreasonable. It really is.

    1. Geely Philippines by Sojitz now wants to earn profits on every vehicles they that they sold that's why they've increased the prices.

    2. Geely has lost its advantage of value for money

  2. Changan Motors Philippines mostly rely on the sales of CS35 Plus and Alsvin..They're planning to launch CS55 Plus as rival of the Coolray and Territory.

  3. Who are they kidding? they already did a round of price increases. Prices below last March 2022
    CS35 Plus Lite – P 898,000
    CS35 Plus Hype – P 969,000
    CS35 Plus Luxe – P 999,000

    1. Those are the old Introductory Prices..Changan raised the prices of their vehicles worldwide including Philippines and Pakistan

  4. Pinoys shoud grab this deal while available.. This car's value for money is too great to pass up.. to those who doesnt see the stigma in Chinese cars only.. Chinese has a knack for lowering the prices, up to the point that they are on a loss, just to get the pie of the car market, just to let the market experience the quality of their product, just like what Geely did..


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