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October 13, 2022

Lexus Bumps Up The Range Of All-Electric UX 300e For 2023

The Lexus RZ may be Lexus’s first dedicated battery electric vehicle, but by no means was it the first. The first is actually the Lexus UX 300e, and now, Lexus has updated it significantly for 2023.

The main highlight of the 2023 UX 300e is a newly developed battery pack. With an increased capacity (54.4 kWh to 72.8 kWh), it’s said to offer 40 percent longer range (450 kilometers from 315 kilometers). It also happens to act as a sound barrier for reduced wind and tire noise in the cabin. Tractive effort is provided by a single 204 horsepower, 300 Nm electric motor driving the front wheels.

Like its gas- and hybrid-powered counterparts, the steering and suspension has been recalibrated. A total of 20 new spot welds have been added too for improved structural rigidity.

Safety-wise, the UX 300e gets an enhanced Lexus Safety System. Using an improved single lens camera and millimeter wave radar combo, it can now detect cyclists both during the daytime and nighttime. In addition, Emergency Steering Assist function has also been added for assisted steering within the lane according to the driver’s input. Meanwhile, the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control also adds curve speed control which automatically slows the vehicle down in accordance to the curvature of the road ahead.

Inside, the UX 300e gets a slightly refreshed cabin with the climate controls now being integrated into the gigantic touchscreen (8 or 12.3-inches). It also gets new USB Type C charging ports, wireless device charging, wireless Apple CarPlay, and a panoramic view monitor. Even better, the infotainment system now supports over-the-air updates.

The 2023 Lexus UX 300e gets newly developed run-flat tires for reduced road noise as well as a new Sonic Platinum exterior color (see lead photo). Lexus has also refreshed the available color palettes with the leather upholstery gaining a Kagome pleating effect which is supposedly inspired by traditional Japanese basket weave. Meanwhile, the dashboard’s surface texture was inspired by Washi paper grain, similar to those used on the sliding doors of traditional Japanese houses.

Will Lexus Philippines introduce the UX 300e locally? That still remains to be seen. It must be noted that the premium Japanese carmaker is now slowly shifting towards an all-electrified line-up. The refreshed UX, for instance, dropped its combustion engine variant in favor of a purely hybrid set-up. In addition, the Lexus RZ has been confirmed to arrive within the next fiscal year.


  1. Just bring it. Make Lexus an electrifying brand!

  2. Indonesia already got the UX300e, I can see other Asean will get it too.


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