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Sunday, October 16, 2022

The Isuzu D-MAX LS-A Breaks All Sorts Of Pickup Stereotypes

Form and function rarely exist in one neat package, especially for pick-up trucks. The word, “truck” in itself is defined to be tough, rugged, and utilitarian. In other words, there is absolutely no way that a pick-up truck can be your next choice for a functional, yet lifestyle-savvy vehicle.

The all-new Isuzu D-MAX LS-A begs to differ.

By all means, the Isuzu D-MAX is one tough cookie. Primarily built for rugged utility, it has a proud, superior frontage, made more arresting with a gunmetal radiator grille. Its imposing stance sits on 18-inch matte alloy wheels, carefully crafted to complement its signature off-roading image. Complementing the model’s styling cues are the load-bearing roof rail and bed liner.

The D-MAX’s off-road capabilities are definitely here to stay—after all, these are the features that allowed it to bag awards, like the 2021 People’s Choice “Automobile of the Year” and “Standard Pick-up of the Year.” But let’s talk about what sets the Isuzu D-MAX LS-A apart from all the other trucks, beginning with how it offers the level of driving comfort similar to a sport utility vehicle.

The Isuzu D-MAX LS-A is re-engineered from the ground up for a powerful, yet smoother drive. Its Dynamic Drive platform uses ultra-high strength steel in its construction, while use of high-strength steel is up from 30 to 46 percent. This allows for better ride and handling even over uneven roads and bumps. It also has a high ground clearance of 240 millimeters, making it a safer vehicle to drive, even in the city. This ride height affords it the ability to securely go through unexpected obstacles. In the case of the Philippines, it is the answer to traversing rising floodwaters during the typhoon season, given its water wading depth of up to 800 mm.

Driving functionality aside, the Isuzu D-MAX prides itself in being human-centered. The interior was designed with the user in mind, whether it’s the driver or passenger. The plush seats are ergonomic, constructed out low-rebound orthopedic MDI polyurethane that makes any drive comfortable. The steering wheel can be easily adjusted to the driver’s seating position, with its tilt and telescopic adjust feature. To customize viewing of functions, the driver’s console comes with a 4.2-inch TFT multi-information display, while passengers can enjoy multiple entertainment options via the 10.1-inch infotainment system that comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There are also USB charging ports and cupholders strategically placed throughout the cabin.

What makes or breaks a vehicle, however, is how safe it can be for its owner and its passengers. The Isuzu D-MAX proudly wears a 5-Star ASEAN NCAP rating and is developed to have some of the most modern safety features in a pick-up.

Finally, the Isuzu D-MAX LS-A is the most practical pick-up truck on the market. Under the hood is a powerful 4JJ3-TCX engine that is designed for an output of 190 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque. Despite this powertrain, however, it remains to be incredibly fuel-efficient, with one full tank traversing 1,564 kilometers—enough for a loop from Subic up to Cagayan then back down to Nueva Vizcaya to Alabang during the Isuzu One Full Tank Challenge. Its 20.58 km/L fuel economy figure, certified by the Automobile Association of the Philippines, is certainly best-in-class.

Most certainly, the Isuzu D-MAX LS-A is the pick-up truck of choice when you are on the market for a vehicle that has the capability of an off-roader and the functional comfort and impeccable style of an SUV. It is the pickup truck that’s designed to break stereotypes, supporting you every step in life’s journey.

For more information on the Isuzu D-MAX, visit your nearest Isuzu dealership, or get a quote here.

Words by Gen Tiu
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