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October 7, 2022

The 2024 Honda Prologue Is A Chevrolet SUV With Japanese Styling

After what seemed like a lengthy tease, Honda has finally revealed the design of its first-ever battery electric SUV: the 2024 Prologue.

Co-developed with GM and powered by the American carmaker’s Ultium battery system, the Prologue goes for a clean and simple “Neo-Rugged” design. Penned by Honda’s L.A.-based design team, it has straightforward surfacing that’s meant to “bring the harmony of nature.” Size-wise, the Prologue is larger than the all-new CR-V—it’s 203 mm longer and 127 mm wider.

Also marking a change in Honda’s EV brand identity, the “H” badge at the back is replaced with the full “Honda” brand name in a stylized typeface. It will also adopt the global e: series badging as seen in other global EV models.

The Prologue will have options such as a panoramic sunroof and 21-inch wheels. Inside, it will have a fully digital 11-inch driver display panel and a 11.3-inch infotainment system.

Honda has yet to reveal the full mechanical details of the Prologue, but since it’s based off the Blazer EV, it could get a choice between front-, all-, or rear-wheel drive. On the top-trim SS, it makes an estimated 557 horsepower enough for a 0 to 100 km/h time of about 4 seconds.


  1. It looks very simple. I hope it will deliver.

  2. Honda has a collaboration with GM. They also have one with Sony. They're also developing solid state batteries in house. I hope Honda will bring in a lot of excitement in the near future.


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