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October 13, 2022

MG Hits 20K Total Sales Mark in 4 Years

MG Philippines opens the last quarter of 2022 with a significant brand highlight, recording the sale of the 20,888th brand-new MG unit in Q3 2022.

A quick look back shows that MG Philippines initially hit the 10,000 vehicle sales mark in mid-2021, following the brand’s re-entry into the local market under official distributor The Covenant Car Company, Inc. (TCCCI) in October 2018. This year, MG Philippines has more than doubled that achievement in just over a year having sold a total of over 20,000 MG vehicles. This feat marks the exponential growth of the MG brand in the country and indicates the trust Filipino motorists have in MG Philippines and TCCCI.

MG Philippines lineup consists of six vehicles: the sporty MG 6 Fastback Sedan; the ever-popular ZS Crossover SUV, and its turbocharged sibling the ZST; the versatile and spacious MG RX5 SUV; the recently launched MG HS SUV which offers a premium drive, plush interiors, and elegant styling; and the MG 5 Sedan which is feature packed, spacious, and a class leader in dimensions and on-board tech for its segment.

“TCCCI’s vision for MG Philippines is to provide the Filipino motoring public with the best value proposition when deciding on their purchase of a vehicle, and to allow clients to make a decision that is rational and fulfilling. MG provides that by having a whole range of new, attainable, well-equipped, and modern cars that are steeped in a rich motoring heritage. The brisk acceptance and market reception of MG over the past four years has fueled TCCCI’s optimism to grow the MG brand at an even more accelerated pace. We are very happy to achieve great strides in ensuring that MG products and services continue to positively resonate with the local car buying public. The growing number of MGs we see plying our roads shows that the progressive thinking public has considered MG as their responsible vehicle purchase,” says Atty. Alberto B. Arcilla, President and CEO of MG Philippines.

Atty. Arcilla continues: “This 20,888 unit sales milestone happening in only four years from when we first introduced MG Philippines is truly encouraging. TCCCI and MG Philippines share this achievement with our established 42-strong nationwide dealership network partners, our principals at SAIC Motor, Inc., bank partners, our colleagues in the media; and our growing, loyal, and happy MG clients. This accomplishment is the result of all our collective efforts, and we thank everyone for their extraordinary dedication in making MG the fastest growing global brand in the Philippines.”

This recent accomplishment by MG Philippines’ aligns with MG’s global “Mission 100” strategy, which aims to achieve 1-million MG units sold globally in no less than 100 locations by 2024. The global brand initiative is carried out worldwide by all international MG markets including those in Europe, the Middle East, South America, greater and Southeast Asia, and Australia. “Mission 100” also coincides with MG’s upcoming 100-year anniversary in 2024.

For MG Philippines, exceeding the 20,000 unit milestone serves as a strong point of motivation, signaling the brand to continue to adapt and innovate, while also exercising trustworthy consistency in its products and services.


  1. Is it reliable??? GEELY and even changan are more reliable than MG(More time in Garage)

    1. any data about these brands regarding reliability and customer support? i dont judge them because they are chinese, i judged them because they are new and arent established yet

  2. Congratulations to both MG Ph (20K+ total sales) and Geely Ph (15K+ total sales) :) The rivalry continues..

  3. Time to bring in MG4 or MG Mulan.

  4. Very competitive and affordable prices of MG vehicles makes them sell much better than Geely.
    MG may only sell older versions of their vehicles similar to what they do in Middle East and Australia but at least they don't give too much price increases.


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