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October 27, 2022

Honda Is Launching Its Raize-Fighting WR-V On November 2

After teasing it as the RS Concept last year, Honda is finally revealing what the production version will look like. Set to battle against the likes of the Toyota Raize, the small SUV is expected to be called the WR-V, based on this official teaser from Honda Indonesia.

This isn’t the first time Honda has used the WR-V nameplate. In other markets, most notably India, it’s a Jazz with SUV-inspired styling.

For the all-new WR-V, however, it’s very likely that it will slot below the HR-V in terms of price and size. In fact, several sources point out an overall length closer to the Raize than the Jazz. With that in mind, for economies of scale and ease of production, it will likely share the Brio’s platform and powertrain, but some have floated the possibility of seeing the very same 1.5-liter DOHC VTEC engine found in the City, HR-V, and BR-V.

More or less, the WR-V will take on the appearance of the RS Concept, but will reduce the decidedly concept car design cues. Previously leaked photos of the WR-V show a chrome-studded grille first pioneered by the HR-V RS and a more conventional taillight cluster. Plus, given the “RS” moniker, it’s very likely that Honda will offer the WR-V with several other variants.

With Honda Cars Philippines discontinuing the Jazz and reducing the City Hatchback to a single RS variant, it’s very likely that they will position the WR-V between the two entry-level “RS” models—the Brio RS (P 808,000) and the City RS Hatchback (P 1,138,000). It could overlap its pricing with the City—a move that echoes what they’ve done with the HR-V and Civic.


  1. New Honda WR-V is based on the Brio which is great news.
    It'll surely beat the Raize in terms of everything whether its engine power,handling and build quality.

    1. Yeah you know that for sure based on reading articles on the internet and forum posts from random strangers.🤡

  2. How competitive will this be over the Raize? This Toyota model has practically minimal to no competition. Using Brio platform for WR-V is a good move. But should this come with 1.5L engine, hybrid and sensing, price may no longer be as favorable as that of Raize. I'll go for Honda over Toyota/Daihatsu offerings if i'm in the market for sub 4mtr SUV.

  3. From my experience, Honda build quality is better than Daihatsu.


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