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October 9, 2022

Keep Your Engine Lubed Up With Ravenol, Germany's 75-Year-Old Lubricant Brand

Keeping your car properly lubricated is one of the vital requirements for its performance. Thus, changing the engine oil must be on the top of the list when maintain a vehicle’s general well-being. The oil change procedure is crucial and must be scheduled at regular intervals. You must know when to change your car’s engine oil to avoid incurring possible issues in the future.

Dirt and other unlikely particles can inevitably accumulate in the engine over time. In a tropical country like the Philippines, dry and dusty roads tend to bring even more unwanted particles under the hood and ultimately into the engine. Thus, sludge can be produced. This is why changing the engine oil regularly is helpful. Complement that with replacement of the filters to make sure dirt particles are kept out before those bring about possible damages.

Moreover, a well-performing and clean engine can be a factor to your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. As mentioned, dirt accumulates in the engine over time. When that happens, the engine also incurs friction, which is a common detriment to an ideal engine performance. Thus, by regularly changing engine oil and filters, the engine is kept clean, friction is reduced, and the car runs more efficiently, paving the way for an ideal gas mileage.

“Changing engine oil regularly and on time is truly a must, if you want to avoid unnecessary damage to your car’s systems and costly additional repairs and expenses,” says Benjamin Bangayan Jr, President of BSB Junrose, a local distributor of the world’s best and most trusted vehicle lubrication products.

A leading player in the local automotive aftermarket industry, BSB Junrose is best known for re-defining parts supply by introducing an omni level distribution of the best automotive, motorcycle and truck parts, while upholding quick service, genuine high-quality products, and competitive prices.

One of the products they distribute, Ravenol, is a top choice. The 75-year-old German brand offers a wide array of vehicle lubricating products from engine oil to gear oil, brake fluid, radiator antifreeze, hydraulic oil, and more.

“It is important to choose the best lubricating and oil products for your car’s engine. Products from Germany’s Ravenol are among the best and most trusted across the globe,” adds Bangayan Jr.

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