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January 1, 2023

Mitsubishi Announces Discontinuation Of Mirage Sub-Compact

Could the end of the road be near for the Mitsubishi Mirage? That seems to be the case, as its discontinuation has just been announced for its home market of Japan.

“Due to the end of production of the Mirage, we may not be able to meet the customer's request for body color, options, etc. Please contact our sales staff for details.”
This piece of news shouldn’t come as a surprise as the current Mirage is already fairly old; it was launched way back in 2012 as a hatchback, and in 2013 as a sedan. Throughout its life, it was updated a couple of times, with its biggest update (for the Philippine market) happening in 2021. It also received the Ralliart treatment just last year.

Elsewhere, it also received cutting-edge safety features including RMS-Forward and FCM-LS—a radar-based safety system that prevents forward collisions due to pedal misapplication and driver distraction. Although, it has mechanically remained the same throughout its lifecycle.

Given its continued popularity not just in the Philippines (Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is committed to continuing assembly until the end of 2023), but across the Southeast Asian region, it’s very likely that Mitsubishi is simply making way for a next-generation model soon. However, because spy photographers haven’t snapped any next-generation Mirage being tested yet, it could point to the possibility of it being a Nissan or Renault-based car, or perhaps a crossover inspired by the XFC Concept.

Either way, expect important news on the Mirage to make headlines in 2023.


  1. They should just rebadge the new Almera to save costs. I don't think Mitsubishi has the resources to fully develop a bespoke platform for a new sedan or crossover yet. Maybe they have (based on new Strada spyshots) for the alliance's body-on-frame diesel truck/SUV, but not for sedans and crossovers.

  2. mitsubishi is near death's door


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