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January 15, 2023

Toyota Swaps Out The AE86's 4A-GE Engine For An Electric Motor And Batteries

Toyota may be looking at conversion services for some of its classic cars as a way to keep them running as the world transitions to being carbon neutral.

With new car sales only accounting for 5 percent of the 1.5 billion vehicles running around the world, it’s important that carmakers also look at ways to make these cars, particularly those that customers cherish, more environmentally-friendly.

At the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota has done just that with their iconic AE86. The AE86 BEV, as its name suggests, swaps out its original 4A-GE engine and gets a high-voltage battery sourced from the Prius PHEV at the back, and a front-mounted electric motor from a Tundra HEV.

These parts were chosen in order to keep the AE86’s ideal front-rear weight balance while keeping the entire installation as lightweight as possible. Lexus’s BEV manual transmission also makes an appearance here to offer “an even greater driving pleasure than the original.”

Per Toyota, the conversion was done with utmost care and preserves as many of the original AE86 parts as much as possible.

Are in you in for an AE86 BEV, or do you think this move is blasphemous?


  1. So this one uses a fake manual transmission? Does it work?



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