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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Porsche Vision 357 Is A Modern Reinterpretation Of Their First-Ever Car

Porsche is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and to pay tribute to their first-ever car, the Porsche 356, they’ve come up with this: the Porsche Vision 357.

Starting with the 718 Cayman GT4 RS, the Vision 357 is designed with complete freedom away from the restraint of production vehicles. Still, the Style Porsche team just had one question in mind when coming up with the Vision 357: “What would the dream of a sports car of Ferry Porsche might look like today?”

The Porsche Vision 357 has a monolithic form, with a narrow passenger cell, and an abruptly sloping flyline and broad shoulders. As in the 356, which pushed the boundaries of glass production in the 1950s, the Vision 357 has one that sharply wraps around the A-pillars and visually unites with the side window surface forming what seems to be a single unit. Over to the side, it has concealed door openers, while at the back, the taillights sit behind a patterned array in the body itself. Even the choice of colors—Ice Gray Metallic and Grivola Gray Metallic are a hark back to the gray tones used in the 356.

There are also more hidden details found in the Vision 357. For example, there’s nothing behind the lower area of the front wheels, which allows better ventilation of the wheel arches. The wrap-around, jointless hood is fastened with quick-release mechanisms. Threaded rods stabilize the large front spoiler. On the side sills, the Porsche designers employed natural fiber-reinforced plastic (NFRP) made of flax fibers. Instead of traditional exterior mirrors, it’s equipped with cameras on the edge of the roof. The visible tailpipe trim in the rear is made of a bluish-looking titanium, while the inside of the tailpipe is made of ceramic. Even the wheels—20 inches in diameter and made of magnesium—are equipped with aerodynamic carbon fiber hubcaps and central locks.

Also, like the 718 Cayman GT4 RS, the Vision 357 has air intakes positioned high behind the driver- and passenger-side windows. Power generated by the normally-aspirated 4.0-liter six-cylinder reaches 500 horsepower and can be fueled using sustainable e-fuels.

The Porsche Vision 357 will be the highlight of a special exhibition, “75 Years of Porsche sports cars,” at the Volkswagen Group’s “Drive” Forum in Berlin from January 25. It will be displayed there until February. After which, it will be flown to the South by Southwest event in Austin from January 10. It will also make other international appearance over the course of the year.

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