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January 30, 2023

Volvo Cars PH Sees 2022 Sales Grow 27 Percent Versus Pre-Pandemic Figures

Volvo Philippines sees its 2022 sales grow by 27 percent compared to pre-pandemic figures.

Though they haven’t released detailed figures, their year-end 2019 results based on AVID data was a total of 124 units (23 passenger cars and 101 light commercial vehicles). Using their confirmed 27 percent growth, that would mean that their full year 2022 sales performance would be roughly 158 units.

The Swedish car company attributes its growth to the introduction of electrified Volvo models in its range. Currently, Volvo Philippines has a fresh line-up of Boost Hybrid vehicles in top trims. This range includes the SUV family of Volvos: XC40, XC60, and XC90.

The luxurious, long wheelbase Volvo S90 helped jack up the sales with a 109 percent volume jump, while their XC90 7-seater SUV rose 187 percent.

The positive reception from the market may also be attributed to Volvo’s reputation for safety, quality, and care. It is the first luxury car brand in the country to launch an intensive customer service program when the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020. Its Volvo Concierge program provided sales and aftersales support. This multi-channel platform provided technical information and customer-centric assistance, especially during lockdowns.

The motoring public regains its footing as COVID-19 restrictions loosen and borders open up. Consequently, the local car industry is seeing a sales wave. The growing popularity of hybrid and electrified vehicles is also adding to the sales boom.

For Volvo, the Philippine market can look forward to the launch of at least two new fully electric models in 2023 (one being teased is the C40 Recharge). At the same time, the growing network of dealer partners is also expected to augment sales. Volvo Pampanga, for example, is actively entertaining customers, even while its showroom is being built.

“Our dedication to providing our customers the Volvo that fits them best is foremost in our minds. That is why we find ways to cater to them the best way we can through a robust product portfolio and excellent customer care,” shares Chris Lee Yu, marketing director for Volvo Philippines. “We’d be happy to see more Volvos on Philippine roads and clients who enjoy the freedom to move in a personal, sustainable, and safe way.”


  1. Now that Volvo is owned by Geely, is their quality still the same?

    1. Better actually, tech, features and quality because of more funding for r&d. Read somewhere that geely isnt that much involved in design etc etc, and everything remains, if not intensified, "very" swedish.

    2. Parang baliktad. Di ba dapat Geely is now more reliable due to Volvo? Even though Geely owns Volvo, the mere fact that Volvo shares its technical know how is very beneficial to Geely Cars. Volvo historically speaking is more reliable than Geely. I should know because my family had owned a Volvo S40 from 2005 to 2013

    3. Not sure about reliability of geely but article heavily implied that geely will only provide funding, to my understanding at least. Not sure about technology transfer from volvo to geely. Also, geely is bigger than volvo, if geely cars arent reliable i think its not because they are bad at it, they probably just chose to.

    4. ^
      See that? That was a wise move. Volvos has little to no spare parts available in our country. We all know that an 8 to 10 year old Volvo will start showing problems. His family was wise enough to sell that car before it became a major pain in the rear.

  2. Improve muna your after sales service, it’s so bad


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