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January 29, 2023

Suzuki Is Working On A Jimny Hybrid And EV

After introducing a larger, five-door version early this month, Suzuki says there’s more in store for the Jimny 4x4 in the near future.

At an investor’s presentation detailing Suzuki’s growth strategy to 20230, the automaker will be relying on its hybrid and battery-electric line-up for major markets such as Europe, India, and Japan. The first of Suzuki’s five EVs will arrive by financial year 2024, and when the rollout is complete, it will include a Jimny EV (check out the presentation slide below).

Aside from the Jimny EV, other Suzuki EV models include a small MPV (next-generation Ertiga?), an electric version of the Fronx, a hatchback (next-generation Swift?), and the production version of the EVX concept.

According to the investor presentation deck, eventually, Suzuki will end up with a fully electrified line-up in Europe with 80 percent EVs and 20 percent hybrids. For Japan, it’s the opposite with 80 percent hybrids and 20 percent EVs. For developing markets such as India, it will be 15 percent EVs, 25 percent hybrids, and around 60 percent internal combustion. This will allow Suzuki to also add the long-rumored hybrid Jimny as well.

As a side note, currently, the Jimny is only offered with a traditional combustion engine (K15B), but the five-door (at least for the Indian market) now has an idle start/stop system.

In order to accelerate its electrification, Suzuki will deepen its relationship with Toyota.

While they remain as competitors, Suzuki says, they will cooperate in the development of advanced technologies in the field of battery electric vehicles, advanced driver assist, and even business expansion in emerging markets.

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