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January 25, 2023

Honda Announces A Global Restructure As It Aims To Exist In The Electrified Era

Honda announced a global reorganization of the company in order to accelerate its electrification business. Effective starting this upcoming Japanese fiscal year (April 1), the re-organization will better serve its customers by unifying the company’s strategy regionally.

At the heart of the re-organization is that the current six regional operations of Honda will be consolidated to just three: North America, China, and Associated Regions. Associated Regions will combine four current regional operations, namely Japan, Asia & Oceania (including the Philippines), South America, and Europe, Middle East, and Africa into one group.

The move, according to Honda, will help them execute tailor-made electrification strategies based on the needs and requirements of each region. Moreover, the carmaker says the move will help them strengthen their operations globally.

Aside from the consolidation of its regional operations, Honda also announced the formation of the Electrification Business Development Operations. This operation will consolidate the business strategy and BEV product development and electrification-related strategy, and development functions of motorcycle and power products businesses to further strengthen and accelerate Honda’s electrification business.

Moreover, a new Corporate Strategy Operations and Corporate Administration Operations has been formed as well. The Corporate Strategy Operations will further strengthen Honda’s initiatives in formulating, executing, and communicating its corporate strategies toward new value creation, and the Corporate Administration Operations will pursue the total optimization of corporate resources, which is aligned with corporate strategy.

Honda believes that these initiatives will help them become a “company that society wants to exist” in the electrified era with the ultimate goal of being carbon neutral by 2050.

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