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Monday, January 16, 2023

Changan PH Grows 221 Percent In 2022

Changan Motor Philippines, Inc. (CMPI), the country’s official distributor of Changan cars, closed 2022 with a 221 percent growth. Last year, they sold 1,787 units compared to 557 units in 2021. Likewise, they achieved 100 percent of their sales targets in terms of wholesale.

Leading the pack, in terms of sales, is the new CS35 Plus followed by the Alsvin sedan. You can check out the full breakdown below.

“We started 2022 strong and ended the year on an even stronger note, thanks to the collective efforts of team Changan and our nationwide dealership network, backed by Changan International Corporation, our local business partners, and the growing number of believers in the brand,” said CMPI President and CEO Maria Fe Perez-Agudo.

In March, Changan launched new CS35 Plus, while in November, the brand launched the new CS55 Plus. In December, it added the Uni-T and Uni-K crosovers.

“We expect vigorous sales for the new CS55 Plus, while the Uni T and the Uni K work in tandem to bolster the presence of Changan Auto in the Philippines. Expect more excellent product offerings from us before the year ends,” Ms. Agudo furthered.

The inauguration of the Changan National Headquarters last December 2, 2022 at the Auto Resources Center in Calamba City, Laguna is likewise key to advancing Changan Auto’s presence throughout the country as it will serve as the training hub and nerve center for the expansion of the Changan dealership network throughout the country.

“The strong 2022 performance of Changan Auto only serves to drive CMPI and the dealership network to provide nothing but the best products and services to the Philippine market. We’re ready. We’re pulling more surprise punches as we leap into the Year of the Water Rabbit,” concluded Ms. Agudo.

CMPI gains for 2022 reflect Changan International Corporation (CIC)’s global performance. As of December 2022, CIC total revenue worldwide reached USD12.4-billion with the SUV segment accounting for some 66 percent of the said total. Projected total revenue by the end of 2023 is USD 10.47-billion, and is expected to grow by 1.17 percent every year, to hit total projected sales of 873,600 units by 2027.

Changan Motor Philippines 2022 Wholesale
  • Alsvin – 541 units (+44 percent)
  • CS35 Plus – 1,344 units (+387 percent)
  • CS55 Plus – 143 units
Changan Motor Philippines 2022 Retail Sales
  • Alsvin – 624 units (+99 percent)
  • CS35 Plus – 1,114 units (+ 357 percent)
  • CS55 Plus – 49 units


  1. what is wholesale and retail sales in terms of cars? Also where is the review of CS55 Plus?

  2. Sales of Changan CS35 Plus and Alsvin are really good since last year
    CS35 Plus is a great alternative to the very common Coolray and vanilla MG HS,MG ZS T and GAC GS
    Changan just needs to make the price of the Uni-T and Uni-K premium SUVs much better and I wish they'll bring in the Changan Hunter pickup truck

  3. Congratulations Changan Ph :) Hope GAC Ph will also be successful.

    1. Pricing and specs of GAC GS3,Empow and GS8 are hit and miss so don't expect too much from it.

  4. I wonder why don’t China cars offer diesel engines?

    1. Diesel engine technology is outdated
      Diesel powered cars in China are banned in most cities there so no point making one.


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