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January 4, 2023

Honda Cars PH Greets 2023 With Hefty Price Increase

Honda Cars Philippines is greeting 2023 with a substantial adjustment in their vehicles’ suggested retail price.

Reflected on their official website, almost the entire line-up has seen an increase in price anywhere between P 15,000 to as much as P 139,000. In fact, only the BR-V and one variant of the Civic (S Turbo Honda SENSING) and the HR-V (RS Turbo Honda SENSING) have managed to keep their prices intact.

Check out the old and new prices below, or keep up to date with the latest car prices through our Car Price Guide.
  • Brio 1.2 S – from P 650,000 to P 680,000
  • Brio 1.2 V – from P 742,000 to P 772,000
  • Brio 1.2 RS – from P 798,000 to P 828,000
  • Brio 1.2 RS Black Top – from P 808,000 to P 838,000
  • City 1.5 S – from P 938,000 to P 953,000
  • City 1.5 V – from P 1,018,000 to P 1,033,000
  • City 1.5 RS – from P 1,078,000 to P 1,093,000
  • City 1.5 RS Hatchback – from P 1,138,000 to P 1,153,000
  • Civic V Turbo Honda SENSING – from P 1,568,000 to P 1,583,000
  • Civic RS Turbo Honda SENSING – from P 1,760,000 to P 1,775,000
  • CR-V 2.0 S – from P 1,753,000 to P 1,763,000
  • CR-V S Diesel Honda SENSING – from P 1,993,000 to P 2,030,000
  • CR-V SX Diesel AWD Honda SENSING – from P 2,253,000 to P 2,290,000
  • HR-V S Honda SENSING – from P 1,250,000 to P 1,389,000
  • HR-V V Turbo Honda SENSING – from P 1,598,000 to P 1,649,000


  1. woah, the base hr-v is already bare at 1.25 and v turbo is already overpriced at 1.6m, for me at least

  2. And just like that, the base model HR-V went from incredible value for money to meh

    1. Hmmnn...nag short circuit na naman utak ni lokolokotchi🤯🤯🤯 hrv engine is battle tested on reliability/durability compared to ur fancy china cars that have unreliable engine and jerky transmission

  3. Prices of HR-V increased as HCPI plans to price the high end WR-V at 1.2 Million Peso price tag.

  4. I'd like to know why the price increase in the first it due to the chip shortage?

  5. Honda is killing it's Sales target. Time to bring the Indonesian made WRV to fill up the gaps and compete against the Toyota Raize and other Chinese Crossovers in the market.


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