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August 24, 2023

Nissan Delaying Launch Of Next-Generation Kicks SUV

Good news to current Nissan Kicks owners: the launch of the next-generation model has been delayed. The bad news? Well, the delay is due to issues pertaining to the upcoming all-new replacement.

The Kicks is set to gain a more powerful e-Power engine alongside optional all-wheel drive. In terms of design, it will be boxier, edgier, and “more SUV-like.” It will also gain Nissan’s new grille design along with slimmer head- and taillights.

While all that sounds great, according to Automotive News, the launch of the all-new Kicks (at least for the North American market) will be delayed due to two things.

The first is down to its failure to pass crash safety tests. This alone has already pushed back the launch by a month and a half according to the report.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the latest delay involves the theft of tooling equipment which was stolen from one of Nissan’s suppliers. This adds a further five-month delay to the Kicks’ launch which was originally slated for December this year.

Nissan USA spokesperson did not specify the reason for the delay, but he did confirm that the arrival of the next-generation Kicks will be late due to “unexpected factors outside the company’s control.”

Nissan hasn’t indicated the timeframe of the next-generation Kicks’ launch. It could, however, make its global debut at the Japan Mobility Show (formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show) in October.


  1. 2024 Nissan Kicks for North American market is bigger now..Looks like its length is around 4450mm now.
    It'll still use the 1.6 liter engine of the Versa/Almera/Sunny Sedan there to save costs while Asian version uses the ePower Hybrid engine.

  2. Is it because they want to release the Xforce first? Like what the Alliance did with the Xpander and Livina?

    1. XForce isn't related with the New Kicks

    2. The Xforce in my knowledge not only uses the same technology as the Xpander/Livina, but also both cars were derived from the tech being applied into Mitsubishi's mid-late 2000s and early 2010s cars, e.g. the original ASX (aka RVR and Outlander Sport) and the final-generation Lancer (not Evolution), that were also sharing platforms with the Dodge Caliber — to which the latter was a flop in sales and even reviews given Chrysler's reputation for poor aftersales and even making cars with lack of reliability. In case if you didn't know that Mitsubishi previously supplied and shared engine technology with Hyundai/Kia and Chrysler until the latter merged with Fiat in 2009, that engine was called as "Theta" by Hyundai/Kia and it recently gained attention in the car world for causing flames frequently. (Resulting to many of Hyundai/Kia cars being powered by those engines to be recalled.)


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