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August 22, 2023

As PH-Bound Jaecoo 7 Undergoes Durability Test, Engineers Cite A "Miracle"

In a lead up to its market launch in global markets, including the Philippines, the Jaecoo 7 is undergoing an arduous road test in order to guarantee its reliability and durability.

Recently, the compact SUV faced its “ultimate test” with a drive from Wuhu in China, passing through Turpan, and Dunhuang at the edge of the Gobi Desert and Golmud in the Tibetan plateau.

In Turpan, the Jaecoo 7 faced environments exceeding 75 degrees Celsius surface temperature. Here, engineering teams worked on various systems including brake heat fade tests, engine starts and operation under hot and dusty environments, and even a thorough workout of the air conditioning system.

The combination of the desert environment and high temperatures demonstrated the Jaecoo 7’s off-road capabilities. Its ARDIS “all-road intelligent off-road system” helped it dynamically adjust its real-time performance helping it conquer various obstacles and winding roads.

Engineers also note that even under these extreme temperatures, the Jaecoo 7’s air conditioning system performed flawlessly. It took just 10 minutes for the SUV to reduce the cabin temperature from 80 Celsius to 44 degrees Celsius (ambient air temperature outside the vehicle hovered at 51 degrees Celsius). Plus, the cabin showed sufficient sealing against dust and other particles. The performance is so good, engineers called it a “Cold Miracle.”

After surviving the Gobi Desert, the Jaecoo 7’s next stop on its 10,000-mile (16,000-kilometer) durability test is Golmud in the Tibetan plateau. At 5,200 meters above sea level, its high altitude and thin atmosphere will test the limits of the powertrain’s performance. And with temperatures dropping as low as -33.6 degrees Celsius, it’s a further test of its overall durability and build quality.

As a brand new off-road brand and a sister brand to Omoda, Jaecoo is combination of the German word, “Jaeger” and the English word, “Cool.” It aims to provide the spirit of classic adventure despite urbanism. With that, Jaecoo will offer four-wheel drive performance, remarkable safety features, and forward-thinking intelligent technologies.

The Jaecoo 7 will be launched alongside the Omoda 5 and Omoda 5 EV in the fourth quarter of this year.


  1. I can't wait. I'm selling my Hilux to buy a new car later this year.

  2. This Car definitely can sell if the price is right. With so many competitions in the market I dont think this brand will last for long. I can see from the distributor bragging about this model but the price definitely hi. They have to watch the market carefully if they want to stand a chance.

  3. But will it survive our asphalt-hole-laden roads? 😂

  4. too much marketing hype without the actual product. and this is basically a CHERY!

    1. Production and sales of it haven't started yet in China 😂
      Omoda and Jaecoo Philippines isn't in a rush to bring these vehicles yet as they're waiting for enough supplies of these vehicles.
      These SUVs are step above Chery Tiggo lineup


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