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August 24, 2023

Kia Just Launched Its Most Affordable EV: The 2024 Ray EV MPV

Kia has finally launched the Ray EV—its most affordable battery electric vehicle (BEV) with a starting price of just 27.35 million won (P 1.167 million).

Based on the gas-powered Ray MPV, which is, in turn, based off the Picanto, the Ray EV does have “EV-specific” elements like new front grille which also happens to contain the charging port.

On the subject of charging itself, the new entry-level EV MPV can travel up to 233 kilometers on a single charge thanks to a 32.2-kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery. The Ray EV’s single electric motor has an output of 86 horsepower and 147 Nm of torque—up 15 percent and 55 percent respectively compared to its gas-powered version.

Best yet is that the Ray EV can be charged using a 150-kW DC fast charger where it can go from 10 to 80 percent charge in just 40 minutes. Using a 7-kW AC wall box, however, drops that down to six hours for a 10 to 100 percent charge.

All seats in the Ray can be folded flat, enabling a wide-open interior space to make it even more convenient for traveling or business. In addition, a dedicated “utility mode” allows the vehicle’s electric devices, such as the air conditioning and audio, to be used for an extended period while not driving. This can be useful for camping, resting, or working. It also has the segment’s first electronic parking brake.

The most affordable Ray EV—the 27.35 million won version—is a single-seater destined for logistics use. However, the more family-friendly version 4-seater version goes up to 29.55 million won or about P 1.258 million.

So far, the Ray EV, like the gas-powered Ray, is only destined for its home market of South Korea. However, with the increasing global demand for affordable EVs, hopefully Kia changes their mind and starts offering it to global markets as well.

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