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August 30, 2023

PLDT, Cartrack Collaborate To Enhance Fleet Management System

PLDT Enterprise, the B2B arm of the country’s largest fully integrated telecommunications provider PLDT, has successfully deployed its Internet of Possibilities (IoP) platform, through PLDT’s wireless unit, Smart, for Cartrack Technologies Philippines Inc. This has had a positive impact on Cartrack’s operations, allowing the global provider of vehicle telematics to expand its reach and enhance customer service.

With the IoP platform in place, Cartrack can leverage thousands of SIMs for its asset and vehicle tracking business, increasing the reliability of its customers to efficiently manage their fleets and monitor their vehicles digitally through strong data connectivity. This advanced technology adds agility to Cartrack’s operations, enabling swift deployment and troubleshooting of devices on their vehicles. This streamlined approach minimizes configuration efforts and optimizes their connectivity operations.

With these enhancements, Cartrack can serve its customers even more effectively, providing them with a seamless experience and maximizing their satisfaction.

Cartrack, being a leading global provider of on-the-ground operational IoT SaaS cloud solutions, fully embraces this technology to unlock endless opportunities for its business.

“With the IoT Portal, we are able to manage and monitor hundreds to thousands of our assets in real time, gather data-based insights to optimize fleet operations, and provide real-time security to our assets and vehicles remotely,” says Matthew Barry, Country Manager of Cartrack in the Philippines.

In addition to enhancing operational efficiency and business optimization for various industries, the IoP platform promotes the Sustainable Development Goals by emphasizing responsible resource utilization and waste reduction throughout the process. PLDT Enterprise’s collaboration with Cartrack not only adds agility to their operations but also aligns with their commitment to sustainability.

Through digital transformation and user-friendly tools, Cartrack offers invaluable support to customers in achieving compliance, cutting costs such as fuel and navigating their day-to-day challenges, simplifying their operations, and boosting their efficiencies.

By partnering with a reliable service provider like PLDT Enterprise, Cartrack ensures seamless connectivity reliability for its valued customers. This strategic alliance empowers businesses to stay ahead, streamline operations, and maximize their efficiencies with confidence, knowing that their fleet management and vehicle monitoring needs are taken care of.

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