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August 24, 2023

Is Honda Ready To Revive The NSX As A High-Performance EV Sportscar?

It looks like Honda’s ready to create a next-generation NSX sportscar, only this time it’ll be a fully-electric, high-performance vehicle.

At this point, nothing’s official yet, but Honda’s luxury division, Acura, did show a sneak peek of what they called an “Electric Vision.” Unlike other EVs which tend to be more of practical crossovers, this concept car is all about performance.

Based on their teaser photos, it’s almost a racecar in its design with its giant glass canopy. Yet, chuck that aside and a potential production supercar will look to focus on flowing lines (no tack on aero bits), contrasting surfacing, and tons of neon green lighting. The latter turns white when it starts up.

All in all, Acura says it’s about evolving their Precision Crafted Performance design language for the electric age.

Right now, the Electric Vision is way off being production ready. For one, it’s not designed around any specific production-ready platform.

Now, before people call Honda’s move sacrilegious, transitioning their NSX sportscar into a BEV flagship makes sense. To recall, the first-generation NSX (New Sportscar eXperimental) saw the U.S. market launch of VTEC, Honda’s now-famous variable valve timing tech. Then, the second-generation NSX (New Sports eXperience) ushered in the era of high-performance hybrids before being discontinued in 2022.

A potential all-electric Honda/Acura NSX fits very well with the Japanese carmaker’s commitment to releasing 30 BEVs globally by the end of the decade.


  1. They should bring it to the market especially now that they're having breakthroughs in their solid-state battery r&d.

  2. 3rd-gen NSX better be New Sports eXtreme


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