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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

The 2024 Nissan Skyline NISMO Is A Family Sedan That Eats Sportscars For Lunch

The new Z isn’t the only car to get the Nismo treatment as Nissan has launched the Skyline Nismo—a high-performance grand tourer that leverages unique motorsport technology to make it faster, more comfortable, and safer than ever before.

Available in a limited 1,000-unit run in the Nismo and 100-unit run for the Nismo Limited, this ultimate version of Nissan’s sports sedan features specially developed bumpers and side sills with red accents, new fog lights, and of course, a raft of Nismo badging. A new grille improves air flow to the radiator and oil cooler while reducing overall air resistance. Inside, the Skyline Nismo has a Nismo-exclusive steering wheel (with a red center mark), a 280 km/h-speedometer, a red-ringed tachometer, and black/red Recaro seats.

The sporty look of the Skyline Nismo is backed up by a powertrain tuned by the same engineers that work on Nissan’s Super GT GT500 race car. The VR30DDT engine’s maximum output has been raised from 405 horsepower to 420 horsepower, while torque is up from 474 Nm to 550 Nm. This is mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission with a Nismo-tuned shift program.

Specially developed performance tires provide an optimal balance between front and rear grip, with the width of the rear tires boosted by 20 mm to ensure the engine’s high torque is effectively delivered to the road. In addition, Nismo exclusive Enkei 19-inch aluminum wheels have been fitted that are not only wider but also lighter and more rigid.

The high performance of the wheels and tires is enhanced by specially tuned suspension and stabilizers that reduce roll when turning and maintain tracking on uneven road surfaces.

The brake pads feature a friction material with outstanding fade-resistance properties, and the ABS has been revised in line with the special tires and pads to shorten braking distance. In addition, the stability control system is specially tuned to match the stability improvements, delivering refined controllability on winding roads and optimizing performance even in extreme situations.

The adhesive used on the front and rear windshields, adopted from the Nissan GT-R Nismo, improves body rigidity without increasing overall vehicle weight.

Setting the Skyline Nismo Limited apart from the “regular” Skyline Nismo, it receives matte gunmetal painted wheels and a high-precision, hand-crafted engine. As a sign of its special status, the Nismo Limited will feature a Takumi label that displays the details of the master craftsperson who individually assembled the engine at the Yokohama Plant as well as an exclusive serial plate displaying its production number.

Currently, the Nissan Skyline Nismo is limited to the Japanese market where it will retail starting at 7.880 million yen (P 3.09 million). The Nismo Limited, meanwhile, is priced at 9.479 million yen (P 3.7 million).


  1. Rear looks like the old Mazda 3

  2. zZZ. Sleeper ❤️

  3. That 3/4 front angle reminds me of the Genesis Coupe.

  4. If it didn't say Skyline and NISMO in the headline, I'd have skipped reading. This car is engineered to the hilt but it has the personality of a concrete wall.

  5. it's a rebadged Infiniti Q50, which itself is already 10 years old. It still even uses dual screen set up


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