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August 15, 2023

A Look Inside Where The Hyundai Stargazer And Creta Are Made

Ahead of the Stargazer X’s Philippine market launch at the end of this year, Hyundai let us tour their first ASEAN manufacturing hub: Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Indonesia or HMMI. Its first factory in Southeast Asia and home to the Creta and Stargazer for the Philippine market, it is located about 40 kilometers east of Jakarta at an industrial complex in Cikarang.

The 77.6-hectare complex houses an 18-hectare facility where everything from body panel stamping to assembly to shipping is done. The investment, amounting to USD 1.55 billion, represents Hyundai’s desire to gain a foothold in Southeast Asia. Currently, the plant has the capacity to produce 150,000 units and capped off at 250,000 units. It produces vehicles not just for the Indonesian market but for export to other markets as far away as South America.

From the outside, HMMI looks like any other automotive manufacturing plant. However, considerations were done to make sure it aligns with Hyundai’s corporate vision of “Progress for Humanity.” This can be seen in everything from the use of environmentally-friendly technologies such as solar panels that can meet part of the plant’s electrical needs to use of water-based paints in the vehicle painting process. Even metal shavings from the welding process are collected and filtered as not to cause airborne pollutants.

When it comes to the people working at the plant, not only is there heavy emphasis on workplace safety, but also on emotional and mental well-being as well. There’s heavy emphasis on comfort too. The assembly line itself is air conditioned and workers use wearable robotics helping them with support, mobility, and adaptability especially when operating in overhead environments. The battery-less system, used in tasks such as the fitment of brake tubes and exhaust systems, help reduce back and lower-body activity by 40 percent.

Aside from the Stargazer and Creta which are manufactured on site, the plant also assembles two other vehicles from imported knocked-down kits: the Santa Fe and the Ioniq 5.

Thanks to the Indonesian government spearheading the expansion of an EV ecosystem, including measures to convert 130,000 units of government vehicles to EVs by 2030, Hyundai chose to assemble its Ioniq 5 EV in Indonesia. This makes it the first carmaker to assemble a dedicated battery electric vehicle in Southeast Asia.

Moving forward, the company is also working with LG Energy Solutions to build a battery cell factory in Karawang, Indonesia. The battery cell produced from the factory will support Indonesia’s EV transition with supply of sustainable EV batteries. The locally produced batteries will be sourced to produce EV models in the Indonesian plant, further enhancing EV models’ price competitiveness.

Establishing a vehicle manufacturing plant in Indonesia reflects Hyundai’s commitment to bringing innovations to the ASEAN region, including the Philippines, in terms of products and services. This includes the development of models specifically catered to the needs of the market such as the Stargazer and Stargazer X.


  1. 1. The investment, amounting to USD 1.55 million -> billion?
    2. Thanks to the Indonesian government convert 130,000 units of government vehicles to EVs by 2023(0)

  2. Shame, we didn't get that manufacturing contract. Our politicians are too greedy.

    1. The protectionist economic policy is to blame too.

    2. Our foreign "brothers" are mostly to blame for the socio-political and economical mess that is the Philippines right now. They're just making sure we are as economically/politically/militarily weak and dependent as we can be while making us believe that we have them to rely on for any problems (which they create behind the curtains lmao)

    3. Lmao. So it's not because every politician is greedy and corrupt as ****? Anon 3.26 is a typical pinoy, blaming others for obviously the problem of the PH government.

  3. Hyundai Creta is a very nice SUV but Hyundai Philippines jacked up its price too much as if HARI still runs the company when it comes to vehicle pricing.
    Seems like Hyundai Indonesia shelved the plans of producing the Exter for ASEAN markets and focused instead on the Stargazer which is selling well in Indonesia and in the Philippines

  4. kaka inggit naman our neighbors :(


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