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August 17, 2023

Solar Transport, BYD's Former PH Distributor, To Focus On Being A BYD EV Dealer

After the distributorship of BYD has been taken over by Ayala Corporation subsidiary, AC Motors, Solar Transport, BYD’s former distributor, has announced that it will focus its attention to become a dealer of BYD EVs.

Guided by its unwavering mission to drive innovative customer experiences through electric technology, Solar Transport is committed to continue to deliver the quality service to its valuable clients who shared their trust since the beginning. The company also remains steadfast in its commitment to greening the roads and promoting environmentally-conscious transportation solutions, while supporting the efforts of BYD to fortify the electric vehicle (EV) industry within the country.

In line with its vision, Solar Transport will be opening its new 4,000-square meter flagship dealership located along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City this August 25. This state-of-the-art dealership facility will have two floors, a full-service center, and a grand showroom showcasing all fully-electric BYD products available in the country.

Mark Andrew Tieng, President and CEO of Solar Transport and Automotive Resources, Inc., expressed the company’s commitment to zero-emission sustainability through the promotion of BYD EVs. “It has been a mission of Solar Transport since a decade ago to ensure that we invest in the environment so that we could all have a sustainable future.”

BYD, the leading Asian automaker of EVs, is also the world’s top EV brand. Solar Transport has built the foundation in introducing the safety, value, and practicality of having a BYD EV as a daily transport. BYD owners know that they can contribute to reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, helping reduce the dire effects of climate change.

Solar Transport and Automotive Resources Corp. is a trailblazing pioneer in EV distribution in the Philippines since 2013.

While Solar Transport will be an authorized dealer under AC Motors, Solar Transport will continue to serve as BYD’s authorized Philippine distributor of material handling equipment.

“With BYD’s stronger presence in the Philippines, we hope to contribute to helping build the EV infrastructure in the country, so that more roads will be greener and more motorists transition to rely less on fossil fuels.” said Mr. Tieng. “BYD consistently draws in exceptional individuals eager to push boundaries and defy conventions. We extend a warm welcome to Jaime and his team as they join us in our endeavor to pave the way for cleaner and greener roads. Exciting times ahead.”

Solar Transport assures that each BYD EV has access to exceptional after-sales service and support, including an extensive battery warranty coverage of 8 years or 150,000 kilometers. The company’s trained mechanics provide reliable customer service, and with the aggressive global expansion efforts and government-backed incentives taking place, BYD owners in the Philippines can expect peace of mind, reliable specialists, and a seamless ownership experience.

Aside from the new dealership in Quezon Avenue, Solar Transport continues to operate the BYD dealership in Makati City.


  1. I think Solar did a good move and continue as a dealer, knowing Ayala's track record in managing car sales, it might just revert back to them

    1. Ayala sucks at retail. Almost all of their retail ventures have flopped. I'm surprised they haven't sold off AC Motors, or any of its brands, yet.

    2. Honda and Isuzu are doing very well so does KTM.
      They're making lots of money on Honda,Isuzu and local manufacturing of KTM motorcycles.
      Kia is doing fine as its operating at a decent profitable level.
      Volkswagen is still being kept as the new head of AC Motors got good plans for it.

    3. Honda and Isuzu are not managed by AC Motors except for their few dealer outlets, that makes a big difference. Kia because of the previous owner/management did very well in creating brand awareness and after sales service. While VW, which they have direct supervisions is still licking it's wounds for how many years, it would be embarrassing to let go.

    4. i bought byd han in solar transport. SO very bad experience. do wish to have same noone. when branch sales manager fooling you, u cant ask noone to help or complain. like in my case, after i [ay cash , they said that car tinting is only half of car include in freebies. i have no choise, i tint what theu offer, and now my front winshield darker than back window. so at night i driving with hi risk, still asking them to retint, but seems is usless. also floor mat for luxury car is going with floor mats from baclaran. you want better ? add 8k. u want tint whole car , add 18k. u want charhger 7kw (what is free in ac motors) u add 100k. u want adapter for charger ? cos they ir cars going with gbt outtlet, but in ph official is type 2, all malls have type 2 chargers, so u need it, add 28k. so big diference in ac motors

  2. AC Motors for sure kay expand and establish the BYD brand in a short period of time due to its well known subsidiaries, assets and unstained records in the industry. May the young Alfonso Zobel gives more power in re-establishing AC motors specifically VW, Kia and Maxus which really failed though KIA with new models may recover well comapre to the 2 other brands.

  3. AC Motors wants to focus more on motorcycle exports and selling EV vehicles in the Philippines which is great..BYD is the perfect brand for them
    Solar still got Shacman trucks and BYD forklifts in the Philippines.
    Volkswagen Philippines is set to get new products made in China like the Tharu starting next month and ID vehicles sometime next year.

  4. Volkswagen said they were launching four models starting with letter “T” this year and where are they now, still nada. Now they’re saying ID’s next year, ya right.


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