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March 3, 2024

Suzuki Auto PH May Not Be Offering The XL7 Hybrid

After the Jimny 5-door, Suzuki Auto Philippines may be readying their next product launch in the form of the 2024 XL7. Based, however, on documentations released by the LTO, the SUV derivative of the Ertiga will not gain recognition as a hybrid. It may not even be offered with a hybrid powertrain at all.

When Suzuki Auto Philippines launched the Ertiga Hybrid in 2023, it caused a stir for being the country’s most affordable electrified 7-seater. Despite sporting the mildest of mild hybrids—the 12-volt SHVS system—it managed to fully benefit from EVIDA Law perks including number coding exemption. Naturally, this irked several of competitors and made the government re-think its stance on mild hybrids.

Although the Ertiga Hybrid is still recognized by the LTO as a Hybrid (based on its Certificate of Registration), it has been excluded in the DOE’s list of recognized EVs and Hybrids.

To avoid possible confusion with its would-be buyers, it seems Suzuki Auto Philippines is dropping the hybrid by name or otherwise in the new Suzuki XL7.

Based on documentation filed with the LTO, the 2024 Suzuki XL7 will sport a 1,462-cc (1.5-liter) 4-cylinder engine. There is no mention of the SHVS system anywhere.

Looking at the XL7 available elsewhere in the region, this could point to the non-hybrid Suzuki XL7 which is already being sold in Indonesia. The version packs the K15B 4-cylinder VVT engine making around 105 horsepower and 138 Nm of torque. The transmission is a 4-speed automatic.

However, there’s still a chance that Suzuki will still opt to put in the SHVS system despite buyers not benefitting from the EVIDA Law’s hybrid perks. This is based on the LTO files showing an increase of 20 kilograms in curb weight over the current Suzuki XL7 (1,200 kg versus 1,180 kg).

If that’s the case, the K15B engine adds an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) and lightweight lithium-ion battery to the mix. The SHVS system captures energy when the XL7 Hybrid is coasting and stores it in the 12-volt lithium-ion battery pack. This then powers the on-board electronics, reducing load on the engine improving its fuel efficiency. It also comes with an idle start/stop system.

Regardless of whether the XL7 will be electrified or not, there isn’t much visual differentiation compared to the current model. Unless Suzuki Auto Philippines offers the black exterior highlights found in the Indonesian market Hybrid (lead photo), it’ll continue on unchanged from before.

Inside, however, the XL7 is bound to get a revised 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system along with automatic climate control, and cruise control. For safety, it receives dual SRS airbags, ABS with EBD, electronic stability control, and a rear backup camera.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. 6 airbags should be standard

    1. It should be, but I think the current generation Ertiga/XL7 is not yet designed with 6 airbags in mind. Maybe the 3rd gen would address that.

  3. I mean, the DOE pretty much nuked Suzuki's no-coding model. Can't tell for sure, but I think Ertiga sales took a big hit because of that.

    It isn't worth it for them to launch the XL7 Mild Hybrid with it not getting EVIDA benefits. Just launch its facelift w/o the mild hybrid and be done with it.

  4. Suzuki are so far behind the times and late on delivering new cars. We are still waiting for the Suzuki Grand Vitara which has been selling in other markets for over a year now. No wonder we are dumping Suzuki and buying cars like the Toyota Cross etc. My Suzuki Vitara is already 6 years old and I'm tired of waiting for Suzuki to get their act together.

  5. It is too bad that the Ertiga was sold as a (Strong) Hybrid to which it is not. So perhaps just remove the mild hybrid (12v system) of the XL7 to gain better price advantage over the upcoming Xpander Cross Hybrid. Its mild hybrid does not add much to power anyway so why bother to have it.

  6. I think they might bring the mild hybrid as the sole option, same with the Ertiga. Won't be much but it should still be better than conventional ICE

  7. Ang pulubi talaga ng Suzuki dito sa bansa natin.
    Ang dami ng nagpapa-request ng Swift Sport.......yet ayaw dalhin.
    Holy hell

    1. Nobody would buy a Swift Sport priced at 2.2 Million Pesos

  8. This model is already old and yung quality ng materials like sa interior cheap talaga kaya most preferred Xpander (including cross) than XL7.


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