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June 10, 2020

Holy Crap! Someone Made a Honda Brio "Type R"

It was bound to happen. After countless Honda Civic owners started regressing into adolescence by slapping on a Type R body kit, it was only a matter of time when the rest of the Honda line-up would also get “Type R-ified.”

Well, a custom job by Aldhy Rais in Indonesia has done just that, only he didn’t do it on a Civic; he did it to his Brio. Now, while we typically have some sort of apprehension with this sort of thing, we have to admit—it looks kinda cool.

He’s done some pretty serious stuff to his once stock Carnival Brio (it’s not even the RS variant, mind you). Aside from rocking a Civic Type R-inspired body kit (down to the pinstriping and center-mounted exhaust tips), he’s even installed the red Honda “H” badge, black 15-inch HSR wheels, and custom LED head- and taillights. In another post, the “Brio Type R,” as this creation has been dubbed by the Indonesian Honda community, is also revealed to have a custom exhaust with a by-pass valve.

Of course, there will be those who’d decry this as a “ricer” move, but take note: this guy actually does slalom racing, using what else, but a Honda Brio. So at least it does lend him some credence.

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