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June 21, 2020

You Can Now Make the Ford Ranger Look Like an F-150 Raptor

If any Civic could be transformed into a Type R with some body kit and badging and the RAV4 can be made to look like a Lamborghini Urus, why can’t you transform a Ford Ranger into its badass big brother, the F-150 Raptor? For those wanting this sort of conversion to happen, well, your prayers have been answered.

A few days before the real F-150 hits the Philippine market, Thailand-based TTN Hypersport is now offering a body kit that basically transforms any T7 Ranger into a F-150 Raptor lookalike. The kit itself is made of bolt-on fiberglass or polycarbonate pieces, but the makers have gotten their production down to pat that it looks like an assembly line down there in Lam Luk Ka District.

The TTN Hypersport kit replaces the entire front- and rear-ends of the Ranger into something that looks closer to the F-150’s; down to the special tailgate trim. Special attention has also gone to copying the headlights, grille design (with the large FORD lettering, of course), and taillight layout. A jacked-up suspension and aftermarket rims also help in the disguise. In fact, it looks like the only stock pieces remaining are the doors which remain largely unchanged.

TTN Hypersport hasn’t indicate what sort of pricing this transformation will cost, but they did mention that they’re ready to “see ‘u’ around the world,” an indication perhaps that they’re ready to export these kits to customers worldwide.

Is this F-150 Raptor-inspired Ranger doing to be a stable at local car shows in the near future? You bet.

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