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June 24, 2020

Mazda PH Offers Longer Warranty on Start/Stop Batteries

Good news to all Mazda owners. Mazda Philippines is now offering an extended warranty on replacement batteries sold through their dealer network.

Enhanced Flood Batteries or EFBs are standard on all Mazda vehicles equipped with the i-Stop automatic idle start/stop. Its primary benefits are an improved level of charge acceptance and greater durability in a reduced state of charge. EFBs or deep cycle batteries can provide up to 85,000 engine starts, compared to 30,000 starts from a standard battery.

However, in heavy stop-and-go traffic situations such as those in the Philippines, EFBs can still wear out much faster—sometimes in as little as 6 months.

While long drives or a smart battery charger are enough to keep EFBs running in peak condition, sometimes they need to be replaced. This is why Mazda Philippines is now offering its Japan-made replacement battery with a two-year warranty. Moreover, until July 30, 2020, they’re also giving owners a 10 percent discount.

This offer is valid at all of Mazda’s 20 dealers nationwide.

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