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June 13, 2020

Subaru Now Offers EyeSight-inspired Safety Tech as Retrofit Kit for Impreza, XV

Subaru is taking vehicle safety very seriously, and to show that, they’ve begun to offer a retrofit kit (at least in Japan) that gives owners the ability to add one important EyeSight-like function: pedal misapplication mitigation.

Previously, the pedal misapplication mitigation system is integral in the Subaru EyeSight driver assist system. And while the stereoscopic cameras cannot be installed retroactively, at least they’re offering one piece of the safety pie through this accessory.

Made for Subaru Impreza (GP/GJ) and Subaru XV (GP) models, the kit adds front and rear sonar sensors. When the vehicle is moving (10 km/h forward, 5 km/h backward, it sends out a visual and audible warning if it detects obstacles like walls within 3 meters of the sensors. If the driver fails to do anything, the device will automatically suppress the acceleration.

It costs 56,100 yen or about P 26,274. And while the function of this new accessory is far from sexy, Subaru says that this can prevent accidents caused by confusion over the accelerator and brake pedals—something becoming increasingly common especially among elder drivers.

Subaru is the second automaker to offer a retrofit kit for pedal misapplication. The first is Honda.

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