Sunday, June 28, 2020

SLEX, Skyway Sets Up 24-Hour Drive Thru RFID Installation Sites

With SMC Tollways Corporation phasing out cash payments at its toll roads as early as October, they’re giving you ample time to switch to their free Autosweep RFID system. And in the latest bit of good news, they’ve now setup 24-hour drive thru booths for people who’re too busy during the daytime.

Available starting now, these 24/7 drive-thru stations allow people to apply for an Autosweep to Go RFID. These are located at:
  • C5 Customer Service Southbound
  • Old NAIAX Toll Gate (West Bound)
  • Eton Northbound Entry Toll Gate
  • Southwoods Northbound Entry Toll Gate
  • After Calamba Entry Toll Gate (Northbound)
  • Tarlac Main Office (Northbound)
Unlike the regular Autosweep RFID system (which is now branded as Autosweep RFID Premium), Autosweep RFID to Go foregoes any documentary requirements. These prepaid RFIDs can be converted to a premium account after installation.

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