Monday, June 24, 2019

Good News: You Can Now Apply for an Autosweep RFID Without the Documents

Here’s good news to all car owners who want to apply for the Autosweep RFID, but may find it a hassle to complete all the requirements: you can now get one with no documents thanks to their newest product, Autosweep RFID to Go.

Intelligent E-Processes Technologies Corporation (IETC), the Electronic Toll Collection service of the SLEX, Skyway, NAIAX, MCX, STAR Tollway, and TPLEX announced the new product as a way for motorists to gain all the benefits of using cashless toll collection without the hassle.

The installation still requires a personal appearance at any of Autosweep RFID’s installation centers (click here for the full list), but it foregoes the bringing of documents such as the vehicle’s OR/CR, photocopy of the authorized driver’s license, and the like. Like the regular Autosweep RFID system, Autosweep RFID to Go is free, though motorists will have to load their accounts with a minimum of P 300 to use the ETC lanes immediately.

However, unlike the regular Autosweep RFID system (which is now branded as Autosweep RFID Premium), Autosweep RFID to Go cannot be used with a credit card auto-debit system, and will also require additional steps (mobile phone registration) for any inquiry on balance. In addition, only one vehicle is tied to one account number under the Autosweep RFID to Go system, thus a maintaining balance is required to keep the account active. This is unlike the regular Autosweep RFID that has a “balance pool” shared by all vehicles tied to that account.

Thankfully, motorists can switch from Autosweep RFID to Go to Autosweep RFID Premium at any time for as long as they complete all the necessary requirements (click here for the requirements).

“We have been listening to motorists and have come up with this convenient new product,” explains Ms. Nelly Argota, Department Head of RFID Accounts Management of IETC. “Though we still encourage motorists to apply for Autosweep RFID Premium to enjoy the full benefits, Autosweep RFID to Go is the fastest and most hassle-free way for people for people to enjoy up to three times faster payment at any of our toll roads.”

The introduction to Autosweep RFID to Go is just the first of many new upgrades to the ETC system that aims to add even more convenience for motorists plying the southern part of Luzon. “Aside from cash loading and credit card auto debit, the Autosweep RFID can now be loaded using G-Cash. Soon, we will also be offering online loading using debit and credit cards. We will also launch our very own iOS and Android apps as well,” explained Ms. Argota.


  1. When are they going to merge with NLEX, SCTEX?

    1. I think you can register with them to use it.

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  3. How can we know the balance of the autosweep rfid to go? Because i encounter that in the toll gate the load balance does not appear and the amount of the toll is appeat

  4. Pano po mag register sa mobile phone pra po makita yng balance?