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June 6, 2019

Mazda Officially Announces Power, Fuel Economy Figures of Skyactiv-X Engine

As the worldwide debut of Mazda’s revolutionary Skyactiv-X nears, the carmaker has finally released its official power and fuel economy figures.

After revealing how much it will cost, the revolutionary Spark Plug Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) engine has now been uncovered to make 180 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 224 Nm of torque at 3,000 rpm. As the first commercial petrol unit to combine the spark ignition of a petrol engine with the compression ignition of a diesel, Skyactiv-X combines the free-revving performance of a gasoline engine and the superior response of a diesel.

Using 95 RON octane fuel, this 2.0-liter engine has a compression ratio of 16.3:1. Furthermore, in its most efficient guise, it generates just 96 grams per kilometer (g/km) of CO2 emissions while achieving up to 18.51 km/L in a combined city/highway setting.

The all-new Mazda3 Skyactiv-X also comes equipped with the Mazda M Hybrid technology—a 24-volt mild hybrid system that minimizes fuel consumption, lowers emissions, and increases fuel economy by recycling energy recovered during deceleration by powering an electric motor that assists the engine.

You can check all the facts and figures of the Mazda3 Skyctiv-X below:

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  1. Hopefully the ultra lean fuel air mixture will reduce the occurrence of DI valve gunk buildup. Nice FC but how much of it is due to the hybrid tech? Was expecting higher torque too considering it is hybrid but at least you get the peak tq at 3000.


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