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June 21, 2019

The Nissan Terra Just Joined the 800-mm Water Wading Club

Re-write the record books and re-do the spec sheets: the Nissan Terra officially joins the 800 mm water wading club.

About a year after Top Gear Philippines reported that the Terra’s safe water wading depth was a lowly 450 mm, Nissan Philippines said f*ck it and decided to turn their mid-sized SUV into a submarine for an impressive video. The result? 800 mm of water wading! Truly go anywhere stuff.

It’s funny because Nissan Philippines now quotes the Terra’s Chief Engineer Hironori Awano as saying, “Floods during the monsoon season cause big challenges in major cities like Manila, because people can’t reach their destinations on time, with rising waters causing delays. Our customer’s safety and ability to go anywhere, at any time, is at the heart of what we do. This inspired us to ensure the Nissan Terra’s ability to go through high water can transform the way people drive, with confidence.”

But…ummmm…this is the same guy who showed a video of a Terra’s interior getting flooded at 700 mm. Though to be fair, Top Gear Philippines said it took about two minutes (we can’t confirm this since we weren’t there during the said presentation).

Anyhow, whether its 450 mm or 800 mm, there are still some interesting tidbits from Nissan’s report:
  • The Philippine monsoon season is from June to September
  • It’s rainiest in August where rainfall can reach as high as 473 mm
  • Rain has sunk provinces such as Pampanga and Bulacan by 4.6 cm a year since 2003
  • The Terra has 225 mm of ground clearance
  • It can comfortably wade in 800 mm (?) of water
  • Just 300 mm of water is enough to float many vehicles
  • 600 mm can carry away even some heavy-duty vehicles
What’s the takeaway from all this? Well, it seems the Terra can cross through 800 mm of floods mechanically. Yes, it gives you the go anywhere confidence and all that…but the question is, will you? Are you willing to risk your P 1.7-million SUV to prove that you’ve got bigger balls than everyone else? Uh…perhaps it’s best to wait that flood out, right?

You can check the video here.

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