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June 20, 2019

The Foton TransVan HR is the Private Van That Can Be Used for the School Run

With the school season just starting parents are now taking the time to shop around for supplies to complete their kids’ back-to-class experience. But for some entrepreneurs, shopping also covers a decent school service vehicle that’ll help children get to and from school comfortably and safely. One vehicle that could fulfill that role is the Foton TransVan HR.

Envisioned as a private MPV first, the Foton TransVan HR can also be used for UV Express or school shuttle service.

Measuring 5,335 mm in length, 2,020 mm in width, and 2,250 mm in height, the TransVan HR is considered as one of the widest and tallest offerings in its segment. Its high bubble roof features sufficient in-cabin height enabling passengers such as kids to move around comfortably inside.

Besides the height, this high-roof van also impresses with its power and space. Its Euro 4 compliant engine generates 225 Nm of torque from as low as 1,800 rpm enabling it to carry up to 16 passengers and school stuff in comfort. Additionally, it comes standard with dual air conditioning and a 2-DIN sound system with AM/FM, CD, Aux, and USB connectivity.

For safety, the TransVan HR comes with seatbelts for each passenger, while ABS with EBD and brake assist ensures safety even during inclement weather.

Foton Philippines President Rommel Sytin shared, “With the TransVan HR as a school service vehicle, we can reduce the pollution caused by individual cars and make the air in the community cleaner. Also, there’s no need to take your personal vehicle out during the peak traffic hours—less traffic, more savings on gas, and most importantly, time.”

He announced, “The TransVan HR is on its way to be a city fixture, and among those who work, live, or do both in them, the van's more-than-dozen of space configurations, easy upfitting, and low running costs have kept sales strong since Foton introduced the model in 2014.”

The Foton TransVan HR has a suggested retail price of P 1.223 million excluding the paint and decals required to transform it into a school service vehicle.

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  1. This is a HiAce from Thailand that had undergone surgery... "TRANSVAN"


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