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June 5, 2019

Spot the Difference: Nissan Updates Navara for 2019

Nissan is giving its Navara some “blink and you’ll miss it” upgrades for 2019. The changes, limited to increasing this pickup’s overall performance has already debuted in Europe and should make its way to the rest of the world shortly thereafter.

The biggest change has to do with the Navara’s multi-link coil spring suspension. Fitted with dual stage coil springs, it increases the rear posture by 25-mm along with 46 kilograms of higher payload. These changes, Nissan says shouldn’t affect the Navara’s comfortable and “car-like” driving feel.

Also beefed up for duty this year are the Navara’s brakes. Featuring larger rear drums and larger front discs (up 4 mm) as well as an increased booster size (up 1 inch), this should reduce braking distances along with 40 percent less effort.

Aside from the new stance, the only telltale signs that this is the improved Navara comes in the form of the new black inlays in the LED headlamps and new designs for both the 17- and 18-inch alloy wheels. Inside, a new infotainment system called N-Connecta makes its debut. Not only does this offer a good number of connectivity options, but it also allows owners to locate the vehicle, lock/unlock the vehicle, check vehicle health, and send their destination to the vehicle’s sat nav ahead of departure.

Under the hood, the European market Navara continues to benefit from a 2.3-liter diesel engine now fitted with twin-turbochargers on both the higher-powered (190 horsepower) and lower-powered (163 horsepower) versions. Both also have higher torque than before, rising 22 Nm. Variants fitted with the 6-speed manual also benefit from longer gear ratios (less frequent shifting) and shorter shift patterns.


  1. Yeah, Navarra is asthetically fixed but I still go for the reliable turbo diesel Isuzu Dmax X series and other variants.

    1. Ubod naman ng pangit ang dmax parang mahiya ka magmaneho

    2. tama ka. mga gago lang bibili nang dmax

  2. ok ang upgrade na ito ng nissan yung rear tumaas at high rider na ang tindig ngayon, ang dating pickup ng nissan low rider ang tindig parang sedan na mahaba

  3. Lagyan ng diff lockers. Madaming bibili neto

  4. Me difflock ang 4x4 navara. Buti pinlitan ang coils dhil masyadong malambot. Sana pinalapad ang body gaya ng old navara para lumaban sa porma ng raptor.


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