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June 6, 2019

Toyota and Subaru to Jointly Develop A New All-Electric Compact SUV

Toyota and Subaru are going to expand their close cooperation outside the 86/BRZ model with the announcement that they will jointly develop a new platform dedicated to battery electric vehicles (BEVs) for midsize and large passenger vehicles. In addition, they will develop a new compact BEV SUV model for sale under each company’s own brand.

With the automotive industry in the midst of a once-in-a-century period of profound transformation, both Subaru and Toyota are required to develop technologies with a sense of speed across a broader number of initiatives.

In addressing vehicle electrification, Subaru and Toyota both note the number of challenges relating to costs, supply, and ways of selling. As a response, both companies see a collaboration as a means to accelerate product development that will represent each company’s strengths. The jointly-developed BEV platform will be made in a way that it can underpin multiple vehicle types including C- and D-segment class sedans and SUVs, as well as other derivative vehicle models.

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