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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Toyota Motor Philippines is Launching the Supra on July 9 and Prices Start at P 4.990M

The Toyota Supra is finally arriving this Tuesday, July 9. After being previewed in a rather unceremonious manner at the Vios Racing Festival, likely done so just to beat BMW Philippines’s launch of the Z4 that happened a few days after, the flagship sportscar will be getting the full-blown launch it deserves.

But before the embargoes are lifted (at least with our publications) and the canapes served, you just have to leave it to dealers to start leaking out information 9 days before they’re supposed to. Chief among them? The 2019 Supra’s price. Based on what looks like a dealer presentation from Toyota Makati (see below), the 335-horsepower Supra will be made available in 8 colors and the sticker price will be dependent on what shade you choose.

The most expensive color option is the Matte Storm Gray that’ll be priced at P 5,090,000; White Metallic, Black Metallic, Lightning Yellow, Silver Metallic, Ice Gray Metallic, and Deep Blue Metallic will be priced at P 5,050,000; and Prominence Red is available for cheapskates at P 4,990,000.

If this leak is proven true in a few days’ time, and Toyota Motor Philippines won’t be making any more adjustments, it seems the Supra will be priced more inline with our earlier prediction of 4 million pesos as opposed to the often-floated 5.5 million pesos. This will enable them to play in a vacuum in the sportscar/performance car segment (4-5 million peso mark).

As a reference, BMW priced their Z4 between P 3,990,000 to P 5,790,000 though it comes with a 5-year warranty.

While the world waits, you can check how the Supra stacks up against the Z4, here.


  1. Right price should be around P4-P4.5M. They inflated it by around P500k. Will Toyota launch the 2-liter inline-4 version as well? With regards to the features, will the Supra be launched in premium or just the base trim? What do you think of Toyota’s pricing with the Supra? Is it overpriced or priced just right?

  2. Didn't know the exchange rate is now close to 100PHP to 1USD. Is this 2998cc car not covered under JPEPA?

  3. Nope. It’s made in Austria; not in Japan.


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