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June 1, 2019

UPDATED: It Looks Like Toyota Philippines Will be Offering the 2020 Supra

UPDATE 2: The 2020 Supra has been teased by Toyota Motor Philippines (6/8).

UPDATE: The original Facebook post has now been taken down, and we have also been requested to do the same (6/2).

It looks like Toyota Motor Philippines is serious about adding a strong dose of sportiness to their line-up. After the 86, it seems the largest carmaker in the country will be introducing its new halo sportscar, the Toyota Supra as well.

Based on these photos taken supposedly at the Batangas Port, a 2020 Toyota Supra in Prominence Red was spotted alongside a Suzuki Vitara. The photos aren’t clear too clear and don’t show much of the car (well, except for the photographer flashing a Shaka or “hang loose” sign). While it’s certainly odd to see a Supra next to a Vitara, it could make sense given both of these Japanese vehicles are actually assembled in Europe (Hungary for the Suzuki and Austria for the Toyota), and that they could have sought the same consolidator / customs broker.

These photos, if proven true, are the first solid proof that Toyota’s bringing in their flagship sportscar into the country. There have been strong speculation in the past few months that Toyota Motor Philippines is targeting a July or August launch for the Supra. If this is true, it is worth noting that it is a month after its sibling, the BMW Z4 breaks cover locally (this one is launching in June).

While there’s no information regarding its price, don’t be surprised if the 2020 Supra would be priced around the 4 million-peso mark. This would make the Supra a fitting flagship performance model while (probably) still undercutting the price of its chassis mate.

Photos courtesy of Speedworks Engineering


  1. If they requested to take down the article, they should not Toyoya has been so sneaky about the Supra's arrival in the Philippines.

  2. More like 5 - 5.5M daw

    Z4 with same engine costs 5.79M

  3. There is already an ad posted online with the price tag of 6M.

  4. Too expensive, considering it starts at $50k(or around P2.5m). In the ballpark of P4m sounds just right, and will be easier for those who want to upgrade from the 86. Price is un-Toyota like, if true,

    1. Agree. It would be disappointing if the rumored price comes out true.

  5. Why would Toyota make their flagship sports car out of reach for many? P5.5m is already in Lexus catsgory. Add P100-200k and you already have a Lexus RC F.

  6. Now, its sister car, the BMW Z4, has now been officially launched. M40i is pegged at P5,790,000.


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