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June 9, 2019

Own a Foton for as Little as P 5,800 per Month

Thinking of a dependable business partner? Foton Philippines has you covered with their “Kayang-Kaya” promo this month. Showering buyers with big savings and discounts, you can own a brand-new Foton for as little as P 5,800 per month in amortization.

“One vehicle could transform a small business, whether it may be for delivering cargo or moving people. This is why we continue to bring exclusive sales promotions closer to the public: to empower more businesses by allowing more customers to avail their own vehicles in the easiest, most affordable, and most convenient of terms,” announced Foton Philippines President Rommel Sytin.

With the Kayang-Kaya Promo, Foton is offering:
  • Pay Low with the all-in low downpayment based on 20 percent discounted DP, or
  • Pay Light scheme with the low monthly amortization payable for 60 months.
Providing small and medium enterprises with a practical vehicle that can help transport supplies without compromising the quality of delivery and condition of the cargo, the Foton Gratour TM is made available with a P 58,000 all-in low downpayment or low monthly amortization cost of just P 5,800.

The Foton Gratour TM is available with several body configurations including a dropside and MPV that makes it capable of carrying a total of 14 passengers with its bench-type seats.

For those who want a more robust cargo mover, there’s the Gratour Midi Truck. The cab of the Midi truck bears a resemblance to the Gratour MiniVan, but offers a wider array of body configurations such as dropside, MPV, Wing Van, F-Van, and Jeepney.

All variants are priced at P 48,000 all-in low downpayment, and could be availed at a low monthly amortization starting at P 5,143.

Apart from these business haulers, the Foton Kayang-Kaya Promo is also applicable to the game-changer of the Gratour series: the Gratour iM6 MPV.

Maximum comfort and convenience can be experienced inside the luxurious cabin of this 7-seater MPV. Designed more for family and private use, the Gratour iM6 can be driven home for as low as P 65,000 all-in low down or P 6,762 per month.

For those who want something bigger, the promo is also applicable to Foton’s line of Cummins and Blue Energy Euro-4 powered passenger vehicles such as the Toplander A/T SUV, 16-seater Traveller van, 19-seater Traveller XL, and executive Toano van. Perfect for transport service businesses, the 13/15-seater TransVan and high-roofed TransVan HR can also be purchased with a low all-in low downpayment or low monthly payment schemes.

“Foton’s major edge from our competitors is the wide variety of vehicles that we offer. Whether for business or for private use, Foton is ready to provide vehicles that are suitable for any form of need. From functional trucks, spacious commuter vans, and fully-capable SUVs, Foton has the right ride for you,” says Sytin.

The Foton Kayang-Kaya Promo includes free insurance, 3-year LTO registration, chattel mortgage fees, floor mats, seat covers, and tint. The promo is valid until June 30, 2019 and is applicable at any of Foton’s 27 dealerships and 7 Gratour sales outlets nationwide.


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    1. "The promo is valid until June 30, 2019."

      That said, Foton PH has other promos that might interest you. Best to contact the nearest dealer for details.

  2. magkno po downpayment at monthly ng gratour

  3. magkano po ung down payment ng gratour van 1.2 engine and monthly payment if installmnt basis

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  5. Van magkano po and down payment? Details please

  6. Gratour details please


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