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June 10, 2019

UPDATED: Mazda Philippines Begins Rolling Out Its Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Kit

UPDATE: Mazda cautions owners from trying to DIY this kit (6/12).

The time has come. After Mazda announced that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support is going to be made available to older vehicles last year, Mazda owners in the Philippines can now avail of the kit at all authorized dealerships nationwide.

Confirmed by Mazda Philippines, the kit can be installed on all Mazda vehicles equipped with the Mazda Connect system (this means pretty much all models from 2014 upward). The kit, which is now being rolled out at all authorized Mazda dealerships will cost P 17,500 plus VAT inclusive of  installation charges and a 1-year warranty.

“There has been a strong demand for the Mazda Connect system to be able to work seamlessly with popular smartphone applications,” shared Steven Tan, president and CEO of Bermaz Auto Philippines. “We hear our customers and now we have made available the official Mazda hardware kit that expands Mazda Connect features to include navigation, music, and even search applications. The upgrade kit retains the full functionality designed into Mazda Connect that makes it intuitive and safe to control by both driver and passenger.”

The Apple CarPlay and Android Auto kit comes with both hardware and software upgrades including a pair of more powerful fast-charging 2.1-amp USB ports. The install will require about two hours to install. Since stocks are limited, Mazda Philippines suggests to get in touch with your nearest dealership to check availability and to set an appointment for installation.

We have been testing the Mazda Connect’s Apple CarPlay kit for about two months now on a 2018 CX-5 Skyactiv-D. So far, we’ve been very happy with the installation, although there are two things worth noting.

First, make sure to use a reliable high-speed USB cable (such as the OE cable supplied with your iPhone). Using a cheap third-party cable may cause unwanted disconnections, such as when using the hands-free calling function.

Second, because the Apple CarPlay system is designed to use the touchscreen and the Mazda Connect automatically cuts off the touchscreen function at speed, you’ll need to use the Commander Control Knob to navigate around. Admittedly, this takes some time to get used to, but because the home screen is customizable, at least the amount of scrolling can be minimized. Oh, and Siri Hands-Free also works fine.


  1. I thought this new kit will eliminate the need for a USB cable, thanks but no thanks. You don't have to spend that much to get the same functionality, just install the MZD AIO, heck it won't even cost you a dime if your savvy and brave enough by DIY.

    I've been an Android Auto user since Google made it available to PH on my M3.

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  3. So I did share complaints with Mazda Makati regarding this recent news. They told me just earlier today that it’s not yet available and it’s still on testing phase, which is contradicting from this article is stating. Upon checking with Mazda Philippines they did confirm that it should already be available for release so I’m not sure what’s up with Mazda Makati for keeping it from their customers.

  4. Did mine last year DIY bought kit from overseas didnt spent that much i think. Android auto is ok but wasnt happy with limited functuonality so i rooted my s8 and installed AA mirror pretty happy with it so far. I thing i wish i did before updating the head unit SW was to unlock the touchscreen block. Go check the web how to hack mazdaconnect using usb stick do that before updating the SW and installing the new hub.

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