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June 28, 2019

The French Just Transformed the Ranger and Everest to Military Vehicles

You want to know how tough the Ford Ranger and Everest are? Apparently, they’re so capable they can be converted for military use. French defense company Arquus, which specializes in armored vehicles transformed Ford’s venerable pickup and SUV into the Trigger and Trapper, respectively.

The Ranger-based Trigger is a “light tactical vehicle” that’s used for troop transport and logistics. It can be used as a land patroller and to fulfill security missions. Arquus points out that its 1.3-metric ton payload capacity and 4.6 square-meters of cargo room make it the biggest in its class.

It keeps the Ranger’s 800-mm water wading depth while also being capable of climbing 60 percent grades, 40 percent slope, and go over vertical obstacles of 230 mm. With a 2.2-liter 4-cylinder engine, it tops out at 170 km/h, and a cruising range of 1,000 kilometers.

Meanwhile, the Everest-based Trapper is a 5-seater personnel carrier that’s actually been chosen as the French Army’s liaison vehicle. It’s outfitted with extended ground clearance, reinforced bumpers, and special off-road grip tires. It even has all the equipment and radio equipment needed to fulfill “all its missions.”

The Trapper has a 160-horsepower engine with a 142 km/h top speed, a maximum payload of one ton, and a cruising range of 900 kilometers. It can climb a 50 percent gradient, traverse slopes of 30 percent, vertical obstacles of 250 mm, and water wading of 500 mm.


  1. French are fixing or repairing daily now

  2. The Afghan National Police and Afghan National Army have been using Rangers for over a decade. RM Asia, which works hand-in-hand with Ford in Thailand, configured them and did their financing. I used the exact same configuration in my company vehicle in Cambodia. I loved that truck.


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