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June 22, 2020

Ford Postpones Bronco Reveal as Previous Date Fell on O.J. Simpson's Birthday

How’s this for one big boo-boo. Ford says they’re postponing the reveal of its Jeep Wrangler-fighting Bronco SUV by four days because its previous date coincided with the birthday of O.J. Simpson.

For those who’re too young to remember, in 1994, Simpson was infamously riding in a white Bronco as he attempted to flee police as he faced charges of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman. Simpson’s birthday, July 9, happened to be the Bronco’s planned reveal date.

That has now been moved to July 13.

“We wanted to be sensitive and respectful of this concern,” Mark Truby, Ford’s communications chief, wrote on Twitter.

The automaker was adamant the July 9 date was “purely coincidental.”

For her part, Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister, Tanya Brown told the Detroit Free Press, “Is that on purpose? My first reaction was, ‘are you kidding me? This is funny?’”

This is the second postponement to the Bronco’s reveal. It was originally expected early this year, but those plans were halted by the coronavirus pandemic.

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