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May 6, 2020

You Can Now Make Your 2020 Toyota RAV4 Look Like a Lamborghini Urus

If you find the sharp and angular 2020 Toyota RAV4 still a bit too ordinary, well, a Japan-based body kit maker will make it look a bit more exotic; by transforming it into a “budget” Lamborghini Urus.

Offered by a company called Albermo, the XR51 body kit transforms the RAV4 into Lamborghini’s best-selling ultra-luxury SUV.

The body kit works its magic with the front bumper, where it’s been shaped to look like the Urus’s. The kit is compatible too with RAV4s equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense and front corner sensors, so that’s good. The rear also gets the Urus treatment. Though not as wild as the front, the bumpers do get the corner vents and reflectors.

Pricing doesn’t come cheap. The Lambo-esque front already sets you back around 138,000 yen (P 66,000~). Then, there’s the rear spoiler which is an additional 78,000 yen (P 37,000~), and the side skirt extensions for 16,000 yen (P 7,600~). No pricing for the rear bumper has been announced yet.

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