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May 28, 2020

Toyota PH's Welcome Back Promo Gives Owners Free Anti-Bacterial Treatment

Toyota is launching a Welcome Back promo which gives one (1) free interior sanitation treatment for customers who avail of any or a combination of the following services at participating Toyota dealer outlets: Periodic Maintenance (PM), General Service (GS), and Body & Paint (BP).

For its interior sanitation treatment, Toyota dealers will use Toyota Bactaklenz, an anti-bacterial treatment proven to eliminate 99.99 percent of bacteria, molds, and fungi inside the vehicle which can cause allergy and other health concerns.

The system which uses Sage Oil as one of its active ingredients, is found to be effective in reducing the spread of common colds and influenza. It can also eliminate cabin odor and foul smell. Other main ingredients are herbal extracts which are non-toxic and environment friendly and is, therefore, safe to use inside the vehicle.

The treatment is applied using a misting system, and leaves a slight pine scent after it is applied. While the main ingredients are non-toxic, part of the sanitation process is to let the mist subside for 10-15 minutes before the vehicle is turned over to the customer. Its effectiveness can last up to three months.

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