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May 28, 2020

Every Inch of the LRT Gets Disinfected with UV Rays

When the LRT-1 goes back on line on June 1, commuters are ensured of their health and safety thanks to measures undertaken by operator Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC). Establishing a partnership with the University of the Philippines Diliman’s National Engineering Center (UPNEC) it has upgraded its disinfection measures to include Ultraviolet C (UV-C) technology.

The main technology that was developed is a prototype disinfection chamber fitted with ultraviolet lamps recently developed by UP College of Engineering (COE) COVID-19 Response Team to sterilize personal protective equipment (PPE) by killing bacteria and viruses through UV exposure.

LRMC and UPNEC are now in the process of developing different disinfection equipment using UVC technology that would best serve the LRT-1 trains and accelerating its mass production to immediately service the entire line. The UV-C technology would be essential in making sure that the LRT-1 trains, facilities, and stations remain safe and virus-free when the line reopens. UPNEC is also tasked to continue its further research into the technology, as well as monitor and test its effectiveness once the LRT-1 resumes operations.

At present, LRMC is using a prototype handheld and 360-degree UVC lamps from UPNEC, as well as the 180-degree UVC lamps procured from Taiwan to complement its chemical disinfection inside the trains and stations. The UVC lamps will be used daily for every train at the end stations (Roosevelt and Baclaran), with an interval of five minutes. They will also be used during the nightly sanitation activities at the LRT-1 depot facility.

LRMC has also placed additional safety measures and health protocols for all visitors and staff at LRT-1 stations, facilities, and depot, such as foot baths, drying pads, and daily health checks. The LRT-1 is also up-to-date with the passenger, sanitation, and safety promotion guidelines required for operation by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF).

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